What to expect

This highly accelerated two-week course covers the entire course, which usually takes place over an entire 16-week semester.

Missing even a single day of the class is equivalent to missing almost two weeks of the class in a normal semester. Because of this, and because many students sign up for Winterim courses by accident, not realizing they are enrolling for an accelerated class that occurs prior to the semester, all Winterim classes in the Department of Psychological Sciences will be instituting a standardized drop-by-department policy.

Any student who does not log in to access the Canvas site for any PSY Winterim course for which they are registered by 11:59pm on January 2, 2024 will be dropped from the course by the Department of Psychological Sciences staff on January 2, 2024, prior to the Winterim term drop deadline. This will allow any students dropped from their Winterim course to receive a refund for the course. If being dropped from this course reduces your course load from full-time status, impacting your eligibility for full-time status, you can register for a full-term course prior to the January 22 deadline to self-register for full-term courses.

If you are enrolled for a Winterim course and anticipate not being able to log in to your course on January 2, you must contact your instructor no later than January 2, 2024, at 11:59pm, via your msudenver.edu email account, to inform them of this, and to avoid being dropped from the course.

If you signed up for this course in error or would like to register for a different section that does not take place during Winterim, you can log in to the Student Hub and go to the Register for Classes option to drop this course and register for another course.

If you would like to meet with an advisor to discuss your schedule and options, use the following link to schedule an appointment Schedule an appointment.


January 2 – 13, 2024 (all course are online format)

PSY1001 007 32200 Introductory Psychology Garris, C
PSY2210 005 31448 Psychology Human Dev Aplin, C
PSY3250 003 31404 Child Psychology Cooper, B