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Reimagined Possibilities Through Psychology

Dr. Bryce Pasko, MSU Denver Class of '09

Teaching Faculty, Children's Hospital of Colorado

Dr. Bryce Pasko took an unconventional and nonlinear path on his way to earning a medical degree. A high school counselor told him he wasn’t cut out for college and would be lucky to graduate high school. After high school, he immediately went into a sales job with AT & T Wireless, proving himself to be highly successful. He dabbled at college, but with his career, he didn’t make much headway. Eventually, he decided he wanted more than a sales career, so he quit his job and committed to finishing his undergraduate degree at MSU Denver. During this time, he also volunteered in a research lab at University of Colorado School of Medicine and in an Emergency Department at Lutheran Hospital; he also discovered a passion for psychology. After MSU Denver, he graduated with honors in research from medical school, did a residency through Harvard Medical School, and did a fellowship in transfusion medicine. Currently, Dr. Pasko is teaching faculty at Children’s Hospital of Colorado, where he mentors medical students and treats pediatric patients with cancer and coagulation disorders.

Alumni award winner for 2019

Dr. Lisa Vallejos, MSU Denver Class of '01

Author, therapist, founder of Gabriel's Gift

Statistically speaking, Dr. Lisa Vallejos is anything but what you would have pegged as "most likely to succeed". As a minority child born into poverty to a single mother & alcoholic father, the odds all pointed to a continuation of generational cycles of poverty, abuse and addiction.  Both entertaining & enlightening, Dr. Vallejos delivers a message that has been called "part 'hood, part academic" and wholly relatable.  

Dr. Anne Duran Alumnus Award Winner 2018 

Dr. Anne Duran, MSU Denver Class of '95

Professor and Department Chair, Department of Psychology California State University, Bakersfield

How does a person go from being a teen mother with a 1.0 high school GPA to an award-winning professor and serving as the chair for a university psychology department? It takes a lot of hard work, a little bit of luck, and the amazing education and mentorship provided by the great people at Metro State. 

Dr. Jeffrey Daniels, MSU Denver Class of '87

Professor and Department Chair in the WVU Department of Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling and Counseling Psychology

Dr. Daniels’ research program has covered three major areas – Averted School Shootings, Hostage-taking, and Police Ambushes. After completing his B.A. in Psychology at “Metro State” (‘87) as a first generation college student, Dr. Daniels earned his M.S. in Counseling Psychology at Central Washington University. He went on to earn his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (’97). He is currently the Chair of the Department of Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling and Counseling Psychology at West Virginia University. He credits MSU Denver for giving him a solid research foundation and for transforming his life.

Dr. Laura Jean Wright Hahn

Dr. Laura Jean Wright Hahn, MSU Denver Class of '06

Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences at University of Chicago Urbana-Champaign

Dr. Hahn's research focuses on early social, cognitive, and communicative development in infants and young children with neurogenetic disorders (e.g., Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, Williams syndrome) and autism spectrum disorders. Her work examines syndrome-specific patterns of early development and developmental trajectories.  After completing her B.A. in Human Development at MSU Denver, Dr. Hahn earned her M.S. in Human Development and Family Studies at Colorado State University.  Dr. Hahn continued at CSU as a Project Coordinator in the Developmental Disabilities Laboratory while completing her doctoral degree in Education and Human Development in 2012. 

Paul Larson

Dr. Paul Larson, MSU Denver Class of '72

Ph.D., J.D., Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Inter-professional practice: An emerging competency in psychology

Health service psychologists (HSP), including clinical and counseling psychologists, are now reframing our training programs to reflect a set of emerging consensus competencies.  Among them is ‘inter-professional practice.’  As masters level practitioners form the front lines of mental health care, the role of doctoral practitioners is increasingly going to be in program development, evaluation, consultation and supervision.  Inter-professional practice arises out of the Affordable Care Act which puts us as primary care providers within the new health care field.  Our graduates increasingly need to ‘play well with others’ and adopt a systems perspective.

?Dr. Franci Crepeau-Hobson web version

Dr. Franci Crepeau-Hobson, MSU Denver Class of '85

Ph.D. in School Psychology, University of Northern Colorado

Franci Crepeau-Hobson, Ph.D. is an associate professor and director of the Psy.D. program in school psychology at the University of Colorado Denver. Dr. Crepeau-Hobson earned a master's degree in counseling from the University of Colorado and completed her doctoral studies in school psychology at the University of Northern Colorado. She is a licensed psychologist, licensed school psychologist, and a member of the Colorado Society of School Psychologists Statewide Crisis Response Team. Dr. Crepeau-Hobson has authored and coauthored a number of journal articles in the areas of crisis response, youth suicide, and psychological assessment.

Loring Crepeau

Dr. Loring Crepeau, MSU Denver Class of '82

Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, Bowling Green State University

Navy Medical Research psychologist 20+ years

"Success in any military setting relies on the proficient performance of the operators charged with accomplishing the mission. Psychological research helps identify those factors that can enhance operator performance, establish safe environmental exposure limits, develop schedules that meet circadian demands, and ensure members' commitment to mission."

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