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Course and Assignments

PSY 1001 - Introductory Psychology

Credits: 3

Prerequisite(s): Minimum performance standard scores on the reading, writing, and mathematics preassessment placement tests.

Description: This course presents basic concepts, principles, and methods involved in the scientific study and understanding of human behavior. Attention is given to organic bases of human and other animal behavior with emphasis on the scientific method, behavioral neuroscience, sensation and perception, learning, cognition, personality, mental health, social behavior, and developmental processes. This course is required for all psychology majors and minors.
General Studies: Social and Behavioral Sciences II
Guaranteed Transfer: GT-SS3

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Introductory Writing Assignment

What are the guidelines for the Introductory Psychology Writing Assignment?

Other Information

If I want to find out more about the field of psychology, where do I go?

Current Directions in Psychological Science

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