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The Department of Nutrition is committed to supporting it’s students academically and professionally to ensure success in both the classroom and in their future careers.

A Roadrunner's Route to Success

A guide for undergraduate students to maximize your experience in the Department of Nutrition!

Roadrunner’s Route to Success

Book Rental

Textbook rentals are available to all students for a weeklong checkout at Modular 1. You will need to present a current MSU Denver ID. See the list of available textbooks below:

Undergraduate textbooks available

Graduate textbooks available

Laptop Rental

Laptop rentals are available to all students for five-day checkout at two locations: Modular 1 and Student Success Building (SSB) 230. You will need to present a current MSU Denver ID card and a second ID (preferably a driver’s license).

The Department of Nutrition can loan laptops to graduate students on a short-term basis (1-week period) primarily for research purposes.

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