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The Department of Nutrition’s faculty and advisors are available for advising Monday to Friday.

If you are looking for information on how to apply to one of our programs you can connect with our Marketing and Admissions Coordinator or if you are working on course registration you can connect with our Advising and Retention Coordinator.

We also have amazing faculty that can work with you one one one to discuss career opportunities and more! Our goal is to ensure you are making progress towards graduation and reaching your career goals.

Tutoring Services

POHA-Denver Diversify Nutrition Grant offers FREE nutrition/science specific tutoring services. Find a tutor that fits your day, time, and subject you need additional help in. Our tutors can help with assignments, studying, understanding concepts, proofreading, and papers.

Please email us at [email protected] or call us at 303-615-0990 to schedule a 1-hour long appointment. Our amazing tutors can do one on one personalized sessions and group sessions.

Department of Nutrition Tutors

Schedule a tutoring session with one of our tutors today by emailing [email protected] or calling 303-615-0990.

A photo of POHA tutor, Alex Sukys

Alexander Sukys

POHA Tutor and Graduate Student

[email protected]
A photo of POHA tutor, Sarah McDonald

Sarah McDonald

POHA Tutor and Graduate Student

[email protected]
A photo of POHA assistant and tutor, Karli Hunton

Karli Hunton

POHA Tutor and Graduate Student

[email protected]
A photo of POHA tutor, Chanel Harrison

Chanel Harrison

POHA Tutor and Graduate Student

[email protected]

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