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Welcome to Industry Partnerships at MSU Denver!


MSU Denver’s entrepreneurial spirit drives public-private partnerships and programs that give students unique opportunities while meeting Colorado’s workforce needs. Through our 95+ majors, 90+ minors, 8 graduate degree programs and 36 certificate programs, we prepare students to be successful in a wide variety of careers.  Our graduates can critically assess, innovate and solve the issues facing Colorado today and in the future.
As part of the C2 Hub, the Industry Partnerships team connects our diverse student population to prospective employers in a variety of industries that are aligned to students’ career ambitions.
While each partnership varies, the priority is expanding career opportunities for MSU Denver students through relevant career development programs and experiential learning while supporting the talent pipeline of organizations.  Review our Industry Partnerships Brochure for more information.

Service Learning Services

At MSU Denver, service learning is defined as a form of experiential learning in which students combine classroom experience with community-based service that:
  • Meets an identified community need,
  • Provides a structured opportunity for students to reflect on the service activity in such a way as to gain further understanding of course content,
  • Balances student goals and community goals through collaborative development of course content and service opportunity, and
  • Engages students in structured preparation for, participation in, and reflection on the service experience.


The mission of the Service Learning Program is to assist MSU Denver faculty in the design and implementation of service learning, a high-impact instructional practice, and to integrate it into the curriculum across disciplines at all levels. To fulfill this mission, the Service Learning Program staff provides course design assistance, training, and administrative and other program support to faculty; develops and sustains community partner connections; and collects data on all dimensions of service learning.


Take advantage of these additional tools by setting up an Employer Account:

  • Post your positions (job, internships, service learning and volunteer) for FREE.
  • Register for career fairs and networking events.
  • Search thousands of student and alumni resumes.
  • Coordinate on-campus interviews.
  • Manage your employer profile.

Create an Account


  1. To start, take a moment to review our policies for employer eligibility. If you have any questions about the policies, feel free to contact us at [email protected]
  2. Click HERE and select ‘Sign Up’. (If you are in our system regularly, you may want to bookmark this page).
  3. Find your organization and complete your account information.
  4. If your organization is NOT listed, type in the full name of your organization and complete your account information.
  5. New accounts will be reviewed within 24-48 business hours. Once approved, you will be notified and have access to the system.

Post Open Positions

  1. Posting a positions is free and easy. Once your Career Link account is approved, simply sign in and click ‘Post a Position’, from the left menu of the Home screen.
  2. Complete the form and click ‘Submit’.  Positions will be reviewed within 24-48 business hours.
  3. Once approved, you will be informed that your position has been posted.  Please remember to review our policies on eligibility.


Event Registration

  1. Log into MSU Denver Career Link.
  2. Under ‘My Account’, take a moment to update your profile and your organization’s information, if needed. This will expedite your event registration.
  3. Under ‘Events’ on the left menu, select the type of event you would like.
    • If you select ‘Career Fairs & Networking’, click ‘View’ to get more information about the event. Click ‘+Sign Up’ to register for the event. Complete the information and click ‘Confirm’.
    • If you select ‘Now Hiring/Info Sessions’, click ‘Request Information Session’ tab in the center of the page. Complete the required fields and click ‘Submit’.
  4. You will receive a confirmation within 24-48 hours, once we have reviewed your request.
  5. No registration is guaranteed until payment has been received, if applicable.


For more information, contact the C2Hub at 303.615.1333 or email [email protected]

Employer Policies

Classroom to Career Hub is committed to working in the best interest of our students. Our policies are in accordance with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Prof


Metropolitan State University of Denver is a great place to find candidates! Our entrepreneurial spirit drives partnerships and programs that gives students unique opportunities.

We are among the most diverse 4-year universities in Colorado, with 46% of undergraduates identifying as students of color. MSU Denver has 100+ majors, eight master’s programs and a variety of internship opportunities that prepare its students for career success.

Career Fairs & Networking Events: Our career fairs and networking events offer employers a way to connect with students and alumni looking for employment opportunities. Check Career Link regularly, as more events maybe added throughout the semester.

  • March 4th, 1-5 pm – STEM & Environmental Science Career Fair.  This is a premier opportunity to connect our top students with employers hiring for professional jobs and internships in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Environmental Science fields.
  • March 16th, 1-5 pm – Connections: Behavioral Health.  Connect with students in behavioral health related majors to fill your positions.  This event is an exciting collaboration between the Human Services Network of Colorado, the MSU Denver Human Services Education Organization and the Classroom to Career Hub.
  • April 20th, 1-5 pm – Spring Job & Internship Fair. One of our largest recruiting events of the year, this spring fair is a great opportunity to meet graduating seniors and students seeking summer internships!  Fill your positions with our top talent!

Now Hiring Series: Our Now Hiring Series takes place on the 2nd Tuesday and Wednesday of February, March and April at 11 am and 2 pm.  This is a great way to informally recruit candidates for open positions.  Sign up for a one-hour session today as spots are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Post Positions: Post job and internship opportunities and collect resumes through our career management system, Career Link.  Posting is free, but employers must meet our eligibility requirements.

Campus Interviewing: Coordinating your interviews through our office is a convenient and efficient way to meet with MSU Denver students. Allow us to do the work and manage the entire interview schedule through Career Link, or simply schedule a date and we will help promote.

Branding Your Organization: We encourage employers to establish their presence. This can make your organization more visible and familiar to students. To support this effort, we offer the following option:

Employer Spotlight – This package can be purchased as a stand-alone recruiting service or as an add-on to help increase your visibility. A Spotlight runs for approximately 30 days, and includes digital promotion on all social media channels, prominent display of logo/info in Career Link, and targeted message to students, faculty, and staff about positions or up-coming events. Spotlight packages are limited.

Partnering and Sponsorships: Additional opportunities for employers to brand their organization and connect with students include: facilitating a career presentation, sponsoring a program or event, or designing your own custom recruiting program. Some employers who partner with us include: Arrow Electronics, Lockheed Martin, iBotta, Mile High United Way, Charles Schwab, DaVita and Mental Health Center of Denver.


Cost to participate in these programs and events may vary.  Please log into Career Link for exact pricing and registration.

For questions or more information, contact our office at (303) 615-1333 or email [email protected].


Diversity Recruiting

MSU Denver is a leader in educating Colorado’s workforce and committed to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Through the Classroom to Career Hub, we support our industry partners who share our commitment and are working to recruit and retain a diverse workforce.  We hope the resources and information provided on this page facilitate your connection to our rich and unique campus community and our talented students.

Statement from the Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Metropolitan State University of Denver’s commitment to bolstering diversity is proactive and balanced. The University supports and values diversity in all forms in a teaching and learning community marked by mutual respect, inclusion, and cooperation.

Click here to learn more…

Our Students:

diversity (1)


Students of Color



Colorado residents, 80 percent of whom stay in Colorado after graduating



MSU Denver students work while in school

Our Students:



Military, veteran and dependent students



First-Generation Students



Use a language other than English

Visit About MSU Denver for more information

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to talk further about your ideas for recruiting MSU Denver students.

Email the Industry Partnerships team at [email protected].

Post a Position

Eligible employers can post employment opportunities free of charge on MSU Denver Career Link, our online recruiting system.

This is one of the best places to reach students and recent graduates who are actively looking for positions, jobs and internships. Once registered, you will also receive notifications for up-coming recruiting events.

Positions must provide paid compensation in the form of an hourly wage, salary or stipend (unless it is an internship approved for academic credit).  And the employee must have access to a resource, other than the direct supervisor, in the event of a workplace conflict or dispute.

Ineligible positions include:

  • Commission-only positions.
  • Positions based out of an unregistered/licensed private or home organization.
  • Positions where the pay rate is less than the Colorado state minimum wage.

Please review our full Employer Policies for complete information regarding eligibility and expectations.


Employers provide a valuable extension to the learning experience of a college student.


Due to COVID-19, if an internship is still to be on-site, it is the expectation that the organization/company is observing COVID-19 guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when necessary, along with any federal, state or local restrictions.

Internships – Information for Employers

Employers provide a valuable extension to the learning experience of a college student. MSU Denver is committed to partnering with for-profit and non-profit organizations to benefit students and the community. You are important to us. Let us know how we can serve you better.

What is an Internship?

Characteristics include:

  • An intentional “learning agenda” is structured into the position. This is what distinguishes an internship from a part-time job or volunteer work.
  • An effort is made to establish a reasonable balance between the intern’s learning goals and the specific work an organization needs to have done.
  • The work aligns with an educational program or academic learning experience and may include monitoring and evaluation by a faculty supervisor.
  • The work should be supervised by a person with appropriate credentials to mentor the student’s learning experience.
  • The position may be part‐time or full‐time.
  • The position may be paid or unpaid. Unpaid internships must be taken for academic credit.

Please read the Employer Expectations to determine if having a MSU Denver intern is a good fit for your organization.

Procedures for Intern Recruitment

  1. Start with a good internship position description that clearly explains the duties of the intern, the qualifications, the schedule and/or hours expected and the pay (if applicable).While your organization may not be in a position to pay much, carefully consider whether you can offer a paid opportunity. Remember that students have expenses, including tuition for credit-bearing internships, and even a small wage can make a big difference in recruitment and retention.
  2. Once you have a position description, post your internship for free on Career Link, our career management system, which is accessible to all MSU Denver students and alumni.  When possible, we recommend posting positions 1-3 months before the semester begins.  You can also post job and volunteer opportunities.
  3. Once posted, students will review your position and apply based on the instructions you provide in the posting.
  4. Like any job, you make the determination as to the candidate’s suitability for the position. Due to privacy laws, our office is limited in the information that we can provide about the student. Therefore, we encourage you to interview the student and to conduct such background and reference checks as necessary. Please phone or e-mail the student directly to arrange an interview or participate in our scheduled recruiting activity.
  5. You have access to manage your position through the system and can extend or close the posting at any time. If you have selected an MSU Denver student, we would love to know. Please submit the information through Career Link under Hiring Outcomes.Our office will work with the student for academic credit, if applicable.
  6. If you have any questions about setting up an internship, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Help to Pay for Your Intern

Certain non-profit organizations may qualify to use student work-study financial aid award money to pay their interns.  See Work-Study Information for Employers for information.

About the IP Team

Engage industry, campus, and community stakeholders in mutually beneficial experiences to provide students with robust, career-focused opportunities.

LockheedCo-op-431×297 (1)

Talent Pipeline

Participate in recruiting events and post opportunities for jobs, internships, service learning and volunteering.

Case Study: Lockheed Martin Co-op Program

Students work full-time in the summer and flexible hours during fall and spring in areas such as 3D-printing, electronics and spacecraft testing. The program gives students more responsibility than most internships by fully integrating them into the team. The outcome: 80% of participants are hired full-time when they graduate.

OfficeInternship (1)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Build a more diverse and inclusive work environment by investing in top talent and accessing equity resources that support diversity recruitment.

Case Study: FirstBank Graduate Assistantship

Colorado-based FirstBank funded a position at MSU Denver to help provide support and career opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds. The graduate assistant oversees equity programming, mentors students, and promotes FirstBank opportunities

TivoliBrewing (1)

Branding and Partnership

Advertise and engage students through mentoring, guest lecturing, scholarships and student services. Collaborate with faculty experts on research and assessment projects.

Case Study: Tivoli Brewing Co. Partnership

Frequent campus collaborator Tivoli Brewing Co. hosted a Veterans Day event with specially brewed beers and donated part of the proceeds to MSU Denver’s Veteran and Military Student Emergency Scholarship Fund.


Professional Learning and Development

Develop your employees with certificates, undergraduate degrees, master’s programs and continuing education.

Case Study: Skills Lab

The University launched its virtual Skills Lab to help people learn new skills in growth industries – for free. Working with industry leaders, MSU Denver curated existing technical courses with new faculty-created trainings in areas such as e-commerce, cybersecurity and health services.

Make a Payment

Make a Payment