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Brizan (Left): I am currently a Junior here at MSU and my major is
Nutrition and Dietetics with a minor in Pre-healthcare. I am
from the beautiful country of Jamaica. My favorite thing about
Colorado is all the unique scenery and the amazing hiking


Zaid (Right): I am a Junior here at MSU Denver currently majoring in Computer Science. I am from Doha, Qatar. My favorite thing about Colorado is the ski slopes, friendly community, Ball Arena, and many other fun activities.

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July 2024

Hello INTL Community,

Kulturbrille – Culture Glasses

Kulturbrille is a term introduced by Franz Boas, known as the pioneer of American anthropology. This new term combines two German words – Kultur (culture) and Brille (glasses or spectacles). Culture glasses… what does this mean?

This term refers to the hidden lenses that your own cultures provide, shaping how you perceive the world. Boas emphasized the importance for anthropologists to recognize their Kulturbrille to avoid forming biased opinions about the unfamiliar cultures they studied and sought to comprehend.

Living in a multi-cultured environment, the same view can be utilized. By recognizing and acknowledging our Kulturbrille, we can foster greater empathy and understanding among diverse groups. It allows us to see beyond our cultural biases and appreciate the richness and complexity of other ways of life. This awareness is crucial not just for anthropologists, but anyone who interacts with people from different backgrounds, whether in the workplace, in social settings, or in the classroom.

Embracing this concept encourages open-mindedness and promotes a more inclusive society. It helps us to question our assumptions, challenge stereotypes, and build bridges across cultural divides. As we become more mindful of our own cultural lenses, we can better navigate the intricacies of global interactions and contribute to a world where diversity is celebrated rather than feared.

In essence, the notion of Kulturbrille invites us to embark on a journey of self-reflection and growth. It pushes us to become more culturally competent individuals, capable of seeing the world through many perspectives. By doing so, we enrich our lives and pave the way for more harmonious and respectful coexistence with others.

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