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Institutional Research provides in-depth statistical data to state and federal agencies, and to internal and external constituents. We act as an institutional information resource for all units of the university, specializing in conducting research on national norms and statistics relevant to the college.

Institutional Research is a unit in the Data & Analytics branch of the Office of Strategic Initiatives & Analytics.

Data & Reporting

Institutional Research archives official data on a variety of topics, ranging from graduation rates to financial trends and grade distributions. Displayed below are the most commonly requested reports. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding what other reporting may be available.

Meet the Team


Buffy Ribble, Ph.D.

Director of Data & Analytics

[email protected]
A picture of Jeffrey Barr

Jeff Barr

Senior Institutional Research Analyst

[email protected]
A picture of Ellen Boswell

Ellen Boswell

Institutional Research Analyst

[email protected]
a picture of Kellie Zolnikov

Kellie Zolnikov

Junior Business Intelligence & Institutional Research Analyst

[email protected]

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