The Rita and Navin Dimond Fellows Program

Rita and Navin Dimond founded Stonebridge Companies in 1991 and have grown it to become one of the nation’s leading development and hospitality management companies, with a portfolio of more than 60 hotels. The Dimond Fellows at MSU Denver will be afforded unique access to education and training opportunities that will prepare them to become the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Fellows have the opportunity to:

  • Intern (paid) at select Stonebridge Companies properties in Denver for one semester, rotating through all major departments while earning three credits over the course of the 15-week semester
  • Earn the chance to win a $5,000 award for the Top Fellow of the year
  • Gain access to an invaluable network of leaders in Denver’s hotel industry

Navin Dimond | A Legacy of Leadership

Spring 2020 Dimond Fellows

Claire McAteer

Claire McAteer recently graduated the School of Hospitality with a degree in Multidisciplinary Hospitality Studies. During her fellowship, Claire worked at the Hilton Garden Inn Cherry Creek.

When asked about her experience, Claire said, “In my time spent as a Dimond Fellow at the Hilton Garden Inn, I learned to adapt quickly, build relationships with guests, and look at the bigger picture of what it truly takes for a hotel to run. This experience allowed me to grow as a leader and find my place in the hospitality world. I am excited to see where my career in hospitality can take me!”

Brian Miller 150

Brian Mittler recently graduated from the School of Hospitality with a major in Restaurant Management. During his fellowship, he worked at the Doubletree Denver Tech Center.

When asked about his experience, Brian said, “I really enjoyed my time learning all about the hotel industry during my time at Doubletree DTC. I was able to learn how all of the different departments interact and make the hotel run. Unfortunately my time was cut short due to coronavirus but I learned a lot of great things that I will use throughout my career.”

Fall 2019 Dimon Fellows

Brian Fernandez

Brandon Fernandez is a senior at Metropolitan State University of Denver and will be graduating with his bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism Management in the Spring of 2020. Being an avid skier during Colorado winters, Brandon always had an interest for the travel and tourism industry. After receiving his associate’s degree from a local community college, Brandon was in search of a university that had the ability to educate him with the best knowledge possible for the travel and tourism industry. After learning about the School of Hospitality, Events, and Tourism at Metropolitan State University of Denver, he was eager to embark on a new journey full of remarkable learning experiences.

Working throughout college at Enterprise Holdings, Brandon gained several skills in the world of tourism and customer service. He will be continuing this journey as a Dimond Fellow with Stonebridge Companies, at the Jacquard Hotel and Rooftop in Cherry Creek and will be engaging in all of the hotel’s day to day operations from the ground up. He is very ecstatic to have this opportunity with Stonebridge Companies and to learn first-hand what distinguished hospitality looks like.

Brandon will be the first in his family to receive a four-year degree.  With the opportunity he has been given by Stonebridge Companies, he would like to thank everyone that has helped him reach this point in his college career.

Morgan Fischer

Morgan Fischer is a senior at Metropolitan State University of Denver majoring in Hotel Management, whose anticipated graduation is December of 2019. She is a Colorado native, eager to be a part of the hustle and bustle of downtown Denver.  Morgan feels blessed to have received this opportunity with the Dimond Fellowship, and the Hilton Garden Inn Denver Downtown, which will allow her to expand her understanding of hotel operations.

She has worked in hospitality for the past year and a half as a front desk agent for the DoubleTree Denver Thornton.  She looks forward to tackling each department in the hotel, especially Human Resources and restaurant operations. Her love of the industry continues to grow with every step of her journey, and she is ready to build on her experiences as a Dimond Fellow.

Cain van Heyningen

Born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Cain van Heyningen developed an early understanding of international hospitality through valuable experience in the local restaurant industry. Two years after accepting a full-ride athletic scholarship offer by the MSU Denver Men’s Basketball Team and moving to the United States, he decided to make his passion into his major and started pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management.

In addition to his academic and athletic commitments, he has joined the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee where he intends to create promising, flexible and valuable working opportunities for fellow student-athletes of any major.

As a 2019/2020 Dimond Fellow, Cain has been garnering an incredible amount of operational experience from the various departments within the Renaissance Hotel, located in Downtown Denver. Cain is determined to always bring the same passion he delivers on the court to every facet of his career path.

Spring 2019 Dimond Fellows

Bryson Cayaban

Born and raised in Hawai’i, Bryson Cayaban came to MSU Denver as a transfer student. After learning about the School of Hospitality, Events and Tourism, he was excited to start a program that provided world-class learning and experiences. His journey began in guest services at a private country club in his hometown on the island of Kaua’i. Through that humbling experience, he discovered an interest in hospitality. That interest turned into a passion within the industry and has led to great opportunities, such as working in guest services at the Four Seasons Hotel Denver.  

In addition, Bryson served on various student leadership teams throughout college, participated in community volunteer efforts, and became a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and National Society of Leadership and Success. Bryson looks forward to gaining the knowledge and skills to inspire others to follow their passion. His journey will continue with a fellowship at the Renaissance Denver Downtown City Center Hotel.

Deborah Gully

Deborah Gully is a junior at Metropolitan State University of Denver, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in hotel management. After graduating in the Fall of 2019, she will have achieved her lifelong dream of being the first person in her family to earn a college diploma. With years of property management experience behind her, Deborah is excited to begin her fellowship at the Courtyard Cherry Creek.

Ian Shlaudeman

Ian Shlaudeman is a senior at Metropolitan State University of Denver’s School of Hospitality, Events and Tourism. Texas born and raised, southern hospitality is in his blood. Thanks to the Dimond Fellowship, he is able to experience firsthand the inner workings of operations at the Doubletree by Hilton Denver Tech Center. 

With his primary focus on hotels, the Dimond Fellowship is a great fit, allowing him to explore possibilities as well as trying on the many hats that exist in our industry thanks to the program. He will be graduating in the Spring of 2019 with a degree in Hospitality Management and a concentration in Hotel Management. His dream is to one day become the general manager of a property.

Rebekah Wilmoth

Born and raised right here in Colorado, Rebekah Wilmoth is pursuing her Bachelors of Hotel Management and plans to graduate in the Fall of 2019. She received her Associates Degree Summa Cum Laude from Front Range Community College when she was 18. She is now a 21 year old senior at MSU Denver, who works full time and actively volunteers. She is also a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

Rebekah found her passion in the hotel and travel industry at a young age and has been on several international community service outreaches. She has spent the last 2 years working as a front desk agent. Since becoming a Dimond Fellow, Rebekah will be gaining invaluable experience at the Hilton Garden Inn Denver Cherry Creek with a focus on sales and catering. She is very excited to begin this new chapter with Stonebridge Companies and learn just what it means to be an ambassador of Distinguished Hospitality.

Fall 2018 Dimond Fellows

Samuel Berg

The best way to learn the hospitality industry is to be immersed in the daily operations. Samuel Berg is learning something new every day as he completes his Fellowship at the Renaissance City Center Downtown Hotel.

With varied experience in the restaurant and events industry, he is excited to take on a new challenge inside of a bustling hotel in Downtown Denver. He expects to graduate in the Fall of 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Event and Meeting Management and a minor in Sports Media. Along with the Fellowship, Sam is excelling in collegiate athletics and a full-time class load in the School of HEaT.

David Keller

David Keller is a Dimond Fellow that works for Stonebridge Companies and is a senior at MSU Denver’s School of Hospitality, Events and Tourism. David is a member of MPI Rocky Mountain Student Club and Salute Veterans National Honor Society – MSU Denver Chapter.

Before David became a student, he worked as a technician for a water district in Colorado, a kitchen manager in Alaska and a Sergeant in the United States Army. David served for a total of twelve years in the United States Army and Army Reserve. He is a combat veteran of Operation Desert Storm and was a participant of the Kuwaiti liberation force. David holds several certifications, which include Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA), Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) and Sommelier Level One. He enjoys hiking in the mountains, spending time with his family and working.

David will graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver in the fall of 2018 with a B.S. in Events and Meetings Management and a minor in Marketing. He will also be earning a Certificate in Hotel Management.

Raina Maslowski

Scheduled to graduate in the Spring of 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management and a personal focus in Human Resources, Raina Maslowski is excited to complete her Fellowship at both the Hilton Garden Inn and the Courtyard Marriott located in Cherry Creek.

Growing up in a large family, Raina has numerous relatives in the hospitality industry and had the opportunity to travel and visit many wonderful properties from a young age. This gave her an early insight and appreciation for the value of top-notch hospitality and excellent customer service. With vast experience in everything food and beverage related, she is excited to switch things up and take on the new challenge of rotating through all of the major departments that make up a hotel. During her free time, Raina enjoys traveling, botany, and spending time with her family.

Spring 2018 Dimond Fellows

Dawn Everett

Berkeley “Dawn” Everett is excited about the opportunity to get more hands-on experience and industry knowledge from the members of the Stonebridge Companies and the team from the Hilton Garden Inn Cherry Creek where she will be completing her Fellowship. She is scheduled to graduate in the Fall of 2019 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Event and Meeting Management and a minor in Hotel Management.

Along with school and work, she is focusing on her oldest daughter, who is starting college herself next year, and she also plays lots of soccer, car, and dinosaur games with her youngest son.

Sara Martin

Sara Martin is exploring options in the hotel industry by completing her Fellowship at the Renaissance City Center Downtown.

With a background in sales and event planning, she is looking forward to the next step in her future. She will graduate in December 2018 with a degree in Event and Meeting Management and a minor in Hotel Management. Sara has always loved the hospitality industry and has been working and volunteering with a non-profit organization for the past three years, helping to plan and implement its fundraising events.

Jazmaray Martinez

While working at the Office of Admissions as a tour guide, Jazmaray Martinez visited the Hospitality, Tourism, and Events department and instantly felt a connection. Coming from a large family that treats every day like a special occasion, she grew up with the words family and hospitality embedded in her.

As an Events and Meeting Management major with a minor in Hotel Management, and with her strong family values, her aspiration is to incorporate family into every event. Currently an Event Programmer for the Office of Student Activities at MSU Denver, Jazmaray will be completing her Fellowship at the Doubletree Hilton Denver Tech Center.

Fall 2017 Dimond Fellows

Blair Swartz

In addition to balancing his schoolwork and fellowship at the Hilton Denver Tech Center, Blair Swartz has been skiing about 100 days per year for the last 8-9 years. He’s an avid fan of splitboarding, which involves a snowboard that divides in half to function like a snowshoe for climbing up the mountain, then reassembles for the trip back down.

He will graduate in May with a degree in Event Management, and has been enjoying the sales department of the hotel industry in the meantime, with his workload including scheduling meetings and reserving rooms.

Brittany Collier

Senior Brittany Collier is completing her last semester at MSU Denver and will graduate in December with a degree in Event & Meeting Management.

Her fellowship is taking place at the Hilton Garden Inn Denver Downtown, where she has been enjoying the catering and restaurant side of the learning opportunity.

Collier loves to travel and enjoyed the best meal of her life in Croatia at a traditional Bosnian restaurant called the Taj Mahal.

Kaylee Crandall

Kaylee Crandall’s fellowship is occurring at the Renaissance City Center Downtown and she loves the team she is working with.

She enjoys exploring all the options available in the hospitality industry and will earn her degree with an emphasis in Event and Meeting Management in December 2017.

Kaylee fondly remembers a trip she took to Thailand where she enjoyed riding an elephant, meeting the local people and learning about the culture.

Kenzie Talbot

Kenzie Talbot is a hotel industry veteran, having worked for a different chain prior to her fellowship at the Hilton Garden Inn in Cherry Creek.

She’s looking forward to the shift rotation in the HR department and has enjoyed the training she has received, as well as being able to identify how she can fill the department’s needs.

Following her graduation in May with a degree in Hotel Management, she’s open to exploring different Marriott locations, though she would prefer to stay with the company.

Spring 2017 Dimond Fellows Alumni

Devin Andersen

There are two reasons why a Hospitality, Tourism and Events major makes sense for Devin Andersen:

1) She was born in the Breadbasket State.

2) She was raised in a doughnut shop.

As a child in Kansas, her parents owned and operated a Daylight Donuts store, where she started working at age seven. A few years later, her parents expanded their business into a full-service breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant. What was initially just donut-making every Saturday morning led to donut-making every Monday morning through Saturday morning, and by the time she was a sophomore in high school, she was working 40+ hours a week as a doughnut fryer, line cook, host and server.

She started at Kansas State studying education, but after taking a few hospitality classes, she fell in love with the idea of event planning. Devin says she is now a “lifer” in the hospitality industry. “I understand what hospitality is, having grown up in a place where the basis of hospitality originates,” she said.

Hyemin Lee

Hotel Management senior Hyemin Lee moved to Colorado from South Korea to attend Metropolitan State University of Denver. While in high school, she dreamed of studying in the United States to experience a different educational style and to improve her English skills. When she arrived, despite having studied English since she was four years old, she could not understand what people said because they spoke too fast. She moved in with a host family to experience American culture and to practice speaking English.

She was inspired to focus on hotel management — specifically on guests whose first language is not English — because of several challenging travel experiences in her life. One of these embarrassing moments took place when she was 11-years-old at a Singapore airport. While she was waiting alone at customs, an agent asked, “How are you?” Nervous to talk to a person who looked different from her, she started sweating, and answered with a quivering voice, “I am an eleven.” She will never forget the look on his face and wants to help travelers avoid similar encounters.

Pamela Joy Yang

After three years of studying finance at MSU Denver, army veteran Pamela Yang changed her major to Hospitality, Tourism and Events in order to focus on restaurant management. It’s clear Yang does not regret the decision because, as she said, “I have never been happier. I realized what my true passion was. The restaurant world to me is fast-paced and every day is a new day. I’ve worked restaurants for over eight years, and every table you get is different. Some people may be more understanding than others, some may be more demanding. You just never know what to expect.”

After graduating, she would like to manage a fine dining establishment for a few years and hopes to eventually open up her own restaurant. She imagines a small, cozy place where people can come and enjoy the company of friends and family, along with delicious Chinese American food.

Spring 2017 Dimond Fellows: Hyemin Lee, Joy Yang, Devin Andersen

Spring 2017 Dimond Fellows: Hyemin Lee, Pamela Yang, Devin Andersen

Fall 2016 Dimond Fellows

Marcus Bosco

A Glenwood Springs native, Marcus Bosco is a fourth-generation Coloradoan who aims to become a fifth-generation Colorado hotelier.

After trying on many different academic hats, he realized that his passion was in the industry in which he had been working. Twelve years into the hospitality business, he has found a “sense of fulfillment” he couldn’t imagine finding anywhere else.

MSU Denver provided him with professors who care deeply about his success and who solidified his enthusiasm toward living a life of serving guests and his community.

Michaellee Gallegos

Michallee Gallegos, who hails from Longmont, came to MSU Denver on the advice of her sister, also an MSU Denver student. After learning about the Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Events, she told Michallee, “this sounds perfect for you; you’ve always wanted to do event planning!”

Through both a full course schedule and 40-hour work week, she discovered a much more fulfilling college experience than she had previously encountered. The rigorous and rewarding schedule, combined with work in the Office of University Advancement, allowed her to feel “profoundly happy to have found that sense of inclusion in the community again thanks to MSU Denver.”

Upon graduation, she aspires to work in the field of corporate event planning and help other students like her who have not had the traditional college experience.

Andrea Marin

Andrea Marin and her family emigrated to the United States from Argentina when she was eight. While watching her parents succeed in a country with a different language and culture, she learned the values of hard work, resilience and determination.

These virtues guided her in a unique way during her life and studies at MSU Denver. Andrea’s diversity of cultural experiences gives her a special perspective while serving guests. She has an open mind that allows her to provide personalized hospitality to guests, no matter their cultural background.

For fun, she loves to go salsa dancing with her husband and try food from different cultures.

Risa Wollfis

Risa Wolffis has been dreaming about a career in hospitality since she was five years old and told people, “I want to be a cooker and a cleaner.”

Since 2011, she has worked at the Cherry Hills Country Club, four years of which she has served as a manager. Her duties include coordinating the schedules of 40 employees to ensure that all shifts and events are staffed. Risa’s practical experience at the club and her academic work at MSU Denver have inspired her to follow her lifelong dream of developing a career in her field of study.

She particularly appreciates her professors’ real world industry experience, which shows the many possibilities in the hospitality industry and encouraged her to advance her career.

2016 Dimon Fellows with Navin and Rita Dimond

Fall 2016: Andrea Marin, Michallee Gallegos, Navin Dimond, Rita Dimond, Risa Wolffis, Marcus Bosco

Spring 2016 Dimond Fellows

LeAnn Tousley Gunnell

A mother to six children, LeAnn Tousley Gunnell completed her bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, Tourism and Events with a concentration in Event Management.

Her experiences include organizing classroom and schoolwide parties for 30 to 500 guests, managing and coordinating travel for youth, JV and varsity sports teams and working as a front-of-house staff member for Epicurean Catering.

As a person who likes to make special moments for others on a professional level and help clients and staff celebrate each day, Tousley Gunnell aspires to be a meeting planner or work in human resources for a large hotel in Denver.

Elizabeth Settambrino

Elizabeth Settambrino is a first-generation college student who graduated in May 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, Tourism and Events with a concentration in Event Management.

She studied abroad at Prague University of Economics in Summer 2015, studying International Event Management and Sports & Event management.

She worked as an event coordinator intern for the Colorado Open Golf Foundation in 2014.

Amanda Dinan

Amanda Dinan grew up in Michigan and was raised in the hospitality industry.

Her parents owned two restaurants and she was always eager to help out as much as possible, developing a passion for the industry. Having spent two years studying health care management, she realized it was not the right career path for her.

Having always dreamed of moving to Colorado, she turned that dream into a reality and moved to Denver, enrolling in MSU Denver’s Hospitality, Tourism and Events program.

Dinan graduated in December 2016 with a concentration in Hotel Management.


A transfer student from Colorado State University, Bridget “Birdie” Meyers approaches life with a sunny outlook.

She first realized her interest in the hospitality industry when she was a counselor at “Teen Camp,” where she had to keep it safe, keep it fun, keep everyone engaged and keep them coming back for more.

She is pursuing a concentration in Events Management with the goal of having a career in sales, marketing or management.

Spring 2016 Dimond Fellows Alumni group picture with Rita and Navin Dimond

Spring 2016: Elizabeth Settambrino, Bridget "Birdie" Meyers, Rita Dimond, Navin Dimond, Amanda Dinan, LeAnn Tousley Gunnell

Fall 2015 Dimond Fellows

Elizabeth Fischer

Elizabeth Fischer graduated in December 2015 with a degree in Hospitality, Tourism and Events and a concentration in Event Management. She thrives on providing others with excellent hospitality and loves balancing creative and logistical opportunities when planning events.

She has held numerous leadership roles in the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority, including that of president, and developed essential skills in her position as student organization accountant with the Office of Student Activities at MSU Denver.

While she aspires to eventually form her own event planning business, her short-term goal is to begin her career as a convention sales manager or event planner. She is a graduate of Chatfield Senior High School in Littleton, Colorado.

Thomas Mortensen

Thomas Mortensen has years of experience in the restaurant business, including positions with Cucina Colore and Le Grand Bistro & Oyster Bar in Denver. He built on those skills by earning his degree with a concentration in Hotel Management in 2016.

In addition to his work with privately owned restaurants, Mortensen has worked for a variety of corporate restaurant chains, and as a personal banker.

A graduate of Northglenn High School, Mortensen is a leader in the classroom, often sharing his professional experiences with other students.

Christina Murray

Christina Murray’s family always jokes that if you left her in a room full of strangers, she would be friends with all of them within 30 minutes. Murray’s positive approach to life – a trait she learned from her mother – has been a cornerstone of her success.

She inherited her father’s strong work ethic as well and is dedicated to earning exceptional grades and helping as many people as possible.

Her professional experience includes working as the Guest Service Agent for Fairfield Inn and Suites Marriott and as Assistant to the Event Planner for the Center of Multicultural and Diversity Education at the University of Arkansas.

Perizae Tzantarmas

Perizae Tzantarmas spent her childhood immersed in a vivacious Greek community in Portland, Oregon, where her parents prepared her for life in the hospitality industry, sharing their experiences as an event planner and a small-business restaurant owner.

Tzantarmas’ professional experience spans a variety of service-oriented positions, including working as an assistant editor at Heartlight Girls Publication, LLC.

Her love for special events grew as a result of her job as a service staff member with Pantheon Banquet Hall in Portland.

Spring 2015

Taylor Bates

Taylor Bates began helping plan events as a high school student at Westlake Academy in Texas, which was the impetus for her path to MSU Denver and a career in Hospitality and Event Planning.

Bates worked as an intern at the Peabody Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas for a summer and currently works as a sales representative for Michaels Arts & Crafts. She has spent time as a volunteer with UNICEF and Fortress, a youth development center.

By pursuing a career in Hospitality and Event Planning, she hopes to travel widely and experience a variety of cultures while applying her passion for working with and for people.

Andrew Hensley

As a fourth-generation Coloradan, third son of a retired school teacher and an airline reservations agent, Andrew Hensley has observed and learned significantly from his parents’ example of working in service to others.

Hensley chose the hospitality field because he to emulate the service provided by his parents. He finds that hospitality most closely aligns with his sensibilities, as he believes that travel can be an enlightening experience and can foster understanding among people.

Mayya Macaleese

Mayya Macaleese was an international student from Russia who speaks four languages, including Chinese and Spanish. Having previously been employed at The Broadmoor Hotel as a server for a short time before going back to Russia in 2011, she earned her degree in May 2016 to return to work in the hospitality industry.

“I am glad that my current job helps me improve my social, leadership, communication and professional skills that would be very useful to implement in my future job at a hotel. But, I am eager for this opportunity to get real training in the hospitality industry.”

Sara Olan

Sara Olan, in addition to her position as Vice President of the Rocky Mountain Professional Convention Management Association (RMPCMA) student chapter at Metropolitan State University of Denver, took 18 credit hours each semester and worked 30 hours a week as a customer service representative for Crate & Barrel, CSG, and Expo Masters. She is also fluent in Spanish.

Olan admits that “there are definitely times when my life gets really stressful, moments when I wonder to myself if it is all worth it, but in the end, I know that working in this industry is what I want and I know that working as hard as I do will eventually pay off.”

Jessica Plude

Jessica Plude, after taking a few years off from school, recommitted herself in 2015 to earning her degree and expanding her career opportunities.

She wants to combine her passion for the culinary world with her customer service and business background.

“Growing up, I remember my family always reminding me that I should never give up no matter how hard it can be. Looking back, I am glad I never forgot that.”

Brittiney Sierra

Brittiney Sierra graduated Cum Laude in 2015 with her degree in Hospitality, Tourism and Events, but passed away in October 2016.

She volunteered with many nonprofits and signed up for as many 5k and half-marathon races as she could.

Through her experiences, including a semester abroad, she developed an interest in the business side of the hospitality industry.

Fall 2014

Joe Boss

Joe Boss was inspired to dedicate his life to a career in hospitality when he was seven years old.

His grandmother showed him a box of his great grandfather’s hotel and restaurant memorabilia, including name tags, menus, and hotel blueprints. “My grandmother told me the story of my great grandfather, how he would run each hotel, buy and sell new bars and restaurants and how he lost it all in the Great Depression. I knew at that point that I wanted to own my own hotel and restaurant one day.”

In addition to studying as a full-time student and working as a server at Texas Roadhouse, Joe was a student member of MSU Denver’s Board of Trustees after serving for two years as a senator in student government.

Jillian Grimm

Jillian Grimm, a Long Island, N.Y. native, moved to Colorado in 2008. Here, she fell in love with the mountains and the world of hospitality.

“There is something simply satisfying about putting a smile on another person’s face. The smallest gesture can turn someone’s day around.”

Jillian earned her degree in May 2015.

Tristin Lawrence

Tristin Lawrence’s goal is to one day become a general manager of a luxury hotel. A 10-year veteran of the hospitality industry, she came to MSU Denver after working two full-time jobs in Aspen.

One day, her human resources manager asked, “Where do you see yourself in ten years?”

This eye opening question led her to register for classes in Denver three weeks later. “Leaving Aspen shows how important this dream of success in hospitality is to me, how much I was willing to give up and how far I’m willing to go.”

Lauren Spagnuolo

Lauren Spagnuolo worked full-time as a human resources professional while studying at MSU Denver as a full-time student before graduating in 2014.

She has worked for the Doubletree by Hilton Westminster, the Brown Palace and Vail Resorts.

She loves working in human resources because “you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the employee. You are their advocate and must assist managers in understanding the HR perspective in decision making.”

Fall 2014 Fellows with Rita & Navin Dimond

Fall 2014: Joe Boss, Jillian Grimm, Rita & Navin Dimond, Lauren Spagnuolo, Tristin Lawrence