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Laboratory update regarding coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the unprecedented coronavirus global pandemic, MSU Denver is taking necessary precautions to limit the number of personnel on campus.  Therefore, we are on a very limited personnel schedule for the foreseeable future.  Please contact Lab Manager, Katie Strain, at before submitting samples for testing.  

More information on the coronavirus and MSU Denver can be found at:

Thank you.  Stay healthy, and best wishes!



Gloved hand inserting liquid into vialsOur Exceptional QA/QC Lab Services, Powered by The Siebel Institute

In beer, quality matters. And when it comes to industry training, the Siebel Institute of Technology is the gold standard for brewing science – which is why its partnership with Metropolitan State University of Denver means access to TTB-certified expertise and a world-class library of QA/QC lab services, ranging from beer and cider to wine,juice, distilled spirits, grain, microbiology and other bespoke offerings.All this on top of a 140-year history means an unprecedented opportunity to make your beverages the best in class.

For more than 145 years, the Siebel Institute has educated generations of brewers on quality brewing excellence. As one of the first brewing laboratories and yeast banks in the Americas, Siebel brought excellence to brewing analysis and quality certification. Siebel Institute is delighted to “Power” the Beverage Analytics QA/QC laboratory at MSU Denver in close collaboration with clients as they fulfill their testing needs.

Our Relevant University Beer Industry Program

With a curriculum unlike any other, MSU Denver’s Beer Industry Program is one of the tops in hops by design. Housed in the University’s School of Hospitality, Events and Tourism, the program places its focus on the broad array of careers available throughout the industry. That means whether understanding chemistry to assess the oxygen amounts in a batch, mastering engineering systems or knowing the business sensibilities needed to succeed, our students receive a comprehensive background in all levels of brew how-to from top-tier faculty and lab personnel. The QA/QC analysis is conducted by trained TTB-certified staff. And with hands-on training, graduates are ready to add value to their future employers from day one.

Our students receive a comprehensive background in all levels of brew how-to from top-tier faculty and lab personnel.

In addition to our Bachelor of Science degrees in Brewery Operations and Craft Brewing & Pub Operations, our School of Hospitality, Events and Tourism offers degrees in Hotel, Restaurant, Event & Meeting and Travel & Tourism Management.

Old Tivoli black and white photo from the 1800's

Our Innovative Brewery Classroom

A historic legacy. Unprecedented opportunity.

The partnership between the 150-plus-year-old Tivoli Brewing Company and MSU Denver affords students the chance to learn their craft by working with the brewery’s 30-barrel operation housed on the Auraria Campus, as well as the new 3.5-bbl brewhouse at Denver International Airport. From industry-standard brewing equipment to state-of-the-art canning, packaging and distribution methods, the partnership results in some

MSU Denver Campus, Tivloi Student Union and the Denver skylineOur University

MSU Denver is the model urban university for opportunity, diversity,excellence and transformation. The University is committed to work-focused, civic-minded education that provides 20,000 students, from every background and experience, the skills they need to move up the socio-economic ladder. MSU Denver offers excellent, industry-relevantbachelor’s and master’s degrees in high-demand fields such as aviation, aerospace, health, hospitality, education, and business, among many others. By partnering with business, government, and schools, the University creates experiential learning opportunities for students to prepare them for success in the workforce and help shape them as conscientious citizens. More than 80 percent of the University’s nearly 95,000 alumni live in Colorado, powering the state’s economy and contributing to the vibrancy of its communities.


You may submit a sample through the ANALYSIS REQUEST FORM.


Tivoli Student Union
Suite 145
900 Auraria Pkwy
Denver, CO 80204



Katie Strain
MSU Denver
Alcoholic Beverage QA/QC Services
1201 5th St.
Denver, CO 80217


Tivoli Student Union
900 Auraria Parkway, Suite 145
Denver, CO 80217

Katie Strain

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