Important Add/Drop Deadlines: Fall 2022

1st 8 weeks: Self-Add Deadline -8/25          Census – 8/30

2nd 8 weeks: Self-Add Deadline -10/20       Census – 10/26

1st 5 weeks: Self-Add Deadline – 8/24         Census – 8/29

2nd 5 weeks: Self-Add Deadline – 9/28        Census – 10/3

3rd 5 weeks: Self-Add Deadline – 11/2          Census – 11/7

Graduation Application Deadline

It may be earlier than you think!

RTD CollegePass is FREE for Auraria Campus students through Jan. 31

The program gives students with a current campus ID access to local, regional and airport bus and rail service, which typically costs $200 a month.

Campus-Wide Resources

Student Care Center

The Student Care Center opened in the Fall of 2019 and houses MSU Denver’s case management services. The Student Care Center provides holistic, non-clinical case management support to MSU Denver Students who are facing challenging life circumstances that may prevent them from otherwise pursuing their educational goal.

Writing Center

The MSU Denver Writing Center can help with any writing assignment, in any stage of the writing process. Assignments could include summary/response papers, journals, case studies, research projects, collaborative projects, digital projects, resumes, applications, presentations, and more!

Individualized Degree Program

The IDP is a way for you to create your own major or minor. The it allows you to combine courses from departments across the University and to use your relevant transfer credit to create an exciting and new interdisciplinary major or minor that reflects your own specific educational goals and interests.

The Honors Program is now a satellite food bank location!

  • Feel free to grab a snack or lunch.
  • All food in the freezer unless marked with someone’s name is free.
  • In the fridge, the bottom shelf is marked free.
  • If you or someone you know is in need of food, please come to the honors house and fill up!
  • We do ask that you put your 900# on the sheet in the kitchen (no name is needed) so we can track how many people are utilizing this resource.

Emergency Fund: Life happens.

The Student Emergency Retention Fund is an emergency stipend for MSU Denver students who are dealing with unanticipated and/or catastrophic life events that might otherwise cause the student to stop or pause their educational goals.

You can access more information through the link below.


SNAP is a great resource to help students and part-time workers to buy groceries. You most likely qualify and don’t even know it! Click the link below for more information.

Connect with the Honors Program!