What is the Honors Thesis Digital Archive?

The Metropolitan State University of Denver Honors Thesis Collection collects and preserves Honors Program theses, capstones, and other terminal works generated by said program’s graduates. One of the requirements to complete an Honors Thesis is to submit the thesis to the Auraria Library Digital Archive. This archive allows future honor students to reference past work, as well as allowing other scholars to read and use this research. This archive hosts honors theses completed through the MSU Denver Honors Program from 2010 to present.

Honors Students

To submit your honors thesis to the Auraria Library Digital Archive, you will go to the following website, create an account with your school email and submit a “Thesis Dissertation Capstone” work to the repository under the “MSU Denver Undergraduate Theses” Collection. You’ll start by clicking “Add a new work” after you’ve signed in (see the video link below for more help!):

For orientation on how to go through the process, you can watch this short instructional video that visually shows the steps you need to do to create an account and submit material. Note that this video shows adding to a different Collection than “MSU Denver Undergraduate Theses,” but you can select the correct one from the initial drop-down menu. Also, it shows loading “Denver Presentation Material,” but you’ll load a “Thesis Dissertation Capstone” type work: repository self-submission instruction videoLinks to an external site. You will be able to submit your thesis to the repository via the Files tab after you’ve completed required fields on the Description tab. One of these fields is licensing where CC BY-NC-ND Links to an external site. is recommended.  A system administrator will review your submission and accept it or return it to you for revisions if they are necessary.


Submitting your thesis as a public document means you and other visitors to the site will be able to freely and perpetually access your thesis. It will be preserved for the life of the University and is securely backed up in two non-co-located servers. Submitting does not strip you of your rights as an author: you may request for your thesis to be removed from the repository at any time and you will always retain your copyright. The repository simply asks for the non-exclusive right to host a copy in our repository and make it freely available. You can select an institutional sharing option, but then your work will only be visible to those with a direct login to this system.


If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] to get in touch with the people who approve submissions to the repository.