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A Note on Catalog Years

General studies courses are tagged with the General Studies category designations at the time the student takes the course, so the most recent list of General Studies courses is always the best way to make sure the class will count.

A Note on Social and Behavioral Science

Beginning in the 2020-21 catalog Social and Behavioral Science has been combined into one big 6-credit category rather than the former separated SBS I and SBS II 3-credit categories.

If your catalog year is older than 2020-21, and Social and Behavioral Science I and II exist as separate categories in your Degree Progress Report, you are now welcome to take any course from the combined Social and Behavioral Science list here and they will fill in those check boxes for you, regardless of which category the course used to reside.

A Note on the CAS to COMM Change

CAS became COMM in fall 2020 and updated several of their General Studies courses.  Please note the following changes:


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Some majors recommend specific General Studies courses to launch you in the right direction to efficiently complete your major.  You can see these in the catalog for your program.  Once you’ve found some General Studies courses you’d like to take, see what will fit into your schedule and then register at the Student Hub.  You can also make an appointment with your advisor to discuss the best courses for you by visiting the Student Hub.