The CJC department currently provides three short-term study abroad programs: London (United Kingdom), The Hague (Netherlands), and Seoul (South Korea). This three-credit hour program involves the study and visitation of sites that represent the criminal justice system in a comparative form to that of the U.S. Criminal Justice System.

Students will have ample opportunities to learn about both local and international criminal justice systems through travel, site visits, and lectures about police, courts, prisons, juveniles, terrorism and much more! (CJC 1010 is the only pre-requisite.) A typical short-term CJC study abroad program runs about 10 days.

For more information about CJC Study Abroad Programs, contact Drs. Denise Mowder ([email protected]), or Hyon Namgung ([email protected]). You can also check our Facebook Study Abroad Page.

For other international programs on MSU Denver, visit Office of International Studies.