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The future of decision making … now

CAVEA control room Metropolitan State University of Denver is reshaping the decision-making landscape with a new tool called CAVEA - the Center for Advanced Visualization and Experiential Analysis.

CAVEA combines a space (theater) with advanced technology that allows users to make better decisions through the use of computer modeling and simulation.

CAVEA will help those in business, education, government and the nonprofit sector analyze their decisions and policies before they’re applied.

MSU Denver students will learn to run the technology behind CAVEA through courses and internships and our faculty members will use it to make their classes more stimulating and to pursue research opportunities like they never could before.

As part of its role as an urban land grant university committed to community betterment,
MSU Denver will be making CAVEA available to businesses and organizations throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

CAVEA is the kind of forward-thinking tool that puts MSU Denver in a class by itself.