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The Western Educational Equity Assistance Center at MSU Denver has operated under the US department of Education Equity Assistance Center grant for over a decade. The past six years have been spent serving the needs of the thirteen states and three territories in Region IV. We have built strong relationships with educators during that time while providing services that addressed the complex equity needs of schools and districts.

We received news that our proposal was not selected for the next EAC grant. As of October 1, 2022, the Western Educational Equity Assistance Center at MSU Denver is no longer the designated regional Equity Assistance Center for the Region IV States and Territories and will not be able to provide services. You can still access the numerous resources created by our staff at the WEEAC website.

If you have additional questions, you can contact [email protected] and we will attempt to answer in a timely fashion. For information about the new Equity Assistance Center that will serve Region IV, please visit the Equity Assistance Center page of the US Department of Education Office of Elementary and Secondary Education website.

U.S. Department of Education: Training and Advisory Services – Equity Assistance Centers

WEEAC Resources


Interactive Media

The WEEAC offered a variety of interactive media and virtual content resources including podcasts, webinars, and video recordings of workshops.

Virtual Content
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WEEAC Virtual College

The WEEAC Virtual College was an online learning format designed for educators to participate in workshops that increase awareness in equity related topics. These courses are self-paced and free of charge to anyone that participates.

WEEAC Virtual College


Throughout the final two years of the EAC grant, the Western Educational Equity Assistance Center produced a number of webinars on equity related topics. You can access the library of recorded events on this page.

WEEAC Webinars

Western Educational Equity Assistance Center

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The Western Education Equity Assistance Center is a part of the MSU Denver School of Education. The EAC grant aligns with the work to prepare educators for teaching and leading in K-12 schools.