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Parent Leadership Series

The WEEAC along with consultants Bea Fernandez and Jeana Preston provided the Chula Vista Elementary School District with a series of workshops on parent and family engagement. This series includes three presentations, and each was recorded and available for view along with the accompanying resources for the videos.  

How to have Effective, Efficient Meetings -PPT

How to Have Effective, Efficient Meetings 9/15/21

How to Make Robert’s Rules of Order Work for You- PPT

How to Make Robert's Rules of Order Work for You 10/13/21

How to be a Super Communicator and Problem-Solver – PPT

How to Be a Super Communicator and Problem Solver 10/27/21

Connected Literacy: A Two-Part Video Series

Featuring Janet Renee Damon, Ed.S, MLIS

Janet R. Damon, Ed.S, MLIS is a librarian and literacy engagement specialist in a large urban district.  Her work centers community building through literacy activism and trauma-sensitive literacy instruction using inclusive literature.  She provides literacy workshops for educators and school leaders, ongoing professional development to teachers and librarians, and also provides presentations for parents, caregivers, and early childhood centers.  Her practice is informed by more than twenty years of experience as a librarian, literacy interventionist, history teacher, and community organizer.

Janet is the recipient of the Rev. Dr. James Peters Humanitarian Award in 2022 and the Library Journal Mover and Shaker Award 2020.  Her work has been featured in School Library Journal, American Library Association, American Libraries, and on Rocky Mountain PBS.  You can learn more about her work at janetlibrarian.com.

Part One: Leveraging Texts for Belonging and Community

Part Two: Layering Texts for Inquiry and Advocacy

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