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General Questions and Answers

1) What is the cost of each course?

There is no cost for participation or the completion certificate for each WEEAC Virtual College Course. The courses are designed as part of the services provided by the Equity Assistance Center grant.

2) How long will each course take to complete?

Each course is a self-paced online model. You can start and finish whenever you want and progress will be saved as you move through the learning modules. In general, each course is designed to take approximately one hour to complete, but time will vary by each participant.

3) What type of credit is issued for course completion?

These courses are not eligible for college credit. The Metropolitan State University of Denver Innovative and Lifelong Learning department issues the certificate of completion.

4) When will this certificate be issued?

Certificates will be issued by the Innovative and Lifelong Learning department on a monthly basis. A list will be generated for certificates on the 15th of each month an they will be sent shortly after. Certificates will be sent to the email address listed on the completion survey on the conclusion section of the course. If you have any trouble receiving the certificate please contact [email protected]

5) Will this certificate be eligible for Professional Development Unit credits?

Check with your place of employment or certifying agency for eligibility. Although designed for this purpose it is the discretion of licensing agencies and school districts to review for appropriate credit toward licensing and employment requirements. Each course will have a suggested number of contact hours for consideration.

6) Why do you need to know the information listed on the required survey?

We need the name provided for issuing a certificate and an email address where to send it. We ask for the state you reside in and your position for grant reporting purposes. The states listed are part of the region the Western Educational Equity Assistance Center serves. Although the courses are open to anyone our grant requires tracking of states served and types of educators that are utilizing our services.

7) Why is there another survey at the end of the course?

Marzano Research conducts the final survey as part of their role as the external evaluator of the WEEAC for this grant. The data from these surveys helps determine effectiveness of services and shapes the development of future courses and similar products offered.

8) Is there a way to access more information on the topics covered in the virtual courses?

The WEEAC provides more in depth training and technical assistance customized to the requesting party. As part of the Equity Assistance Center grant, we work with K-12 schools in the western region of the United States. The list of states and territories served is on the home page of our website.

9) How does someone access the additional services provided by the WEEAC?

Complete the Request for Assistance form listed on the home page of our website and a staff member will contact you to discuss options.

10) What services are available for educators in other regions?

Three other Equity Assistance Centers cover the rest of the United States. You can find the one that serves your area along with contact information on the Contact Us page of our website.

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