About Pediatric Services

We provide comprehensive treatment for children ages birth through 18 with developmental or acquired speech, language, voice, and fluency disorders or differences. All services are free of charge and no insurance is required.  

Our services are perfect for individuals who have run out of insurance coverage for speech-language or swallowing therapy. You can also add our services onto therapies you are receiving elsewhere like the schools or private clinics. If you have never worked with a speech-language therapist before, that’s OK too. We can do a full evaluation and create a treatment plan with you.  

Our graduate clinicians will work closely with your family to create goals for your child that include their interests and preferences.  Our treatment plans are individualized so we will make sure we are working on things that will help your child improve their communication in their day-to-day lives. 


Speech services: individual or group sessions to improve the way your speech sounds to others. This may include difficulty with specific sounds (articulation) groups of sounds (phonology), motor planning difficulties (apraxia).  

Swallowing therapy: If your child has aversions to specific foods, we can work on sensory feeding tasks that increase willingness to try new foods.  

Stuttering therapy: Learn how to use compensatory strategies and different motor-based techniques to decrease instances of stuttering and improve overall fluency of speech.  


Language services: individual or group sessions to address word finding difficulty, difficulties with expression or understanding, grammar, vocabulary development, or general difficulty with organization of language 

Literacy based services: If your child struggles with reading comprehension or written expression we can help them use compensatory strategies and improve understanding of language processes that lead to improvements in reading and writing for academic purposes (school).   


Augmentative or alternative communication (AAC): These services are designed for people who already have an AAC device and want ongoing help learning how to best use your device or help your child use their device most effectively. Sessions incorporate literacy and other technology to aid with communication.  

Social language groups: These sessions are specially designed for children who demonstrate difficulty conversing and relating to others. Group sessions include natural conversation with graduate clinicians, SLPs and peers to help encourage use of strategies outside of the clinic or classroom.  

Individual sessions: Will target your child’s specific communication and sensory needs. Our graduate students and SLPs are experts in using your child’s enthusiasms and current skills to build on and improve their overall communication.  

Treasure Chest

The Treasure Chest program is an opportunity for families to learn how to incorporate speech and language development into their everyday routines with their children. Our treasure chests are designed for toddlers or preschoolers. Families will participate in an initial intake with our graduate clinicians, this will help us learn what specific speech-language skills to target. Then you will participate in several sessions to learn how to use treasure chest items (toys and books) to support your child’s language development. Families get to take the treasure chest home to keep!  

Treasure chests and sessions are available in English, Spanish, or both!  

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This program is provided through our partnership with the Scottish Rite Foundation 

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