About SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Program

SPEAK OUT! Parkinson Voice Project LogoSPEAK OUT!® is a therapy program developed by the Parkinson Voice Project especially for people experiencing changes to their speech and/or swallowing related to Parkinson’s Disease.  

The Bookhardt Family Speech-Language Clinic at MSU Denver is the only SPEAK OUT!® Therapy and Research Center in Colorado and Wyoming!  

Thanks to funding from the Parkinson Voice Project, All SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Program sessions are provided at no-cost to the client. Individual sessions can be conducted in-person or via telehealth. All SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Program groups occur virtually. SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Program sessions can be done in English or Spanish. 

We do not bill insurance, no physician referral needed! 

Starting SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Program

What to Expect

You’ll work with a Graduate Student Clinician and a licensed and certified Clinical Educator who supervises the graduate student. Your first session will be about 45 minutes and will be an initial evaluation. After that, you’ll do two 30-minute treatment sessions each week for 4-6 weeks (8-12 sessions). Then you’ll join one of our online SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Program groups weekly and continue with your home practice. We’ll check in with you individually ~1 time a month to make sure you’re staying on track.  

Opportunities to participate in research related to the SPEAK OUT!® Therapy Program are also available.


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