About Adult Services

We provide comprehensive treatment for adults with acquired speech, language, voice, fluency or swallowing disorders or communication differences. All services are free of charge and no insurance is required.  

Our services are perfect for individuals who have run out of insurance coverage for speech-language or swallowing therapy. You can also add our services onto therapies you are receiving elsewhere. If you have never worked with a speech-language therapist before, that is OK too. We can do a full evaluation and create a treatment plan with you.  

As an adult client in our clinic, you will work closely with your graduate clinician to create your goals. Our treatment plans are individualized so we will incorporate your family or caregivers and your interests into your sessions.  

Acquired Communication Disorders

Language services: individual or group sessions to address word finding difficulty (aphasia), social (pragmatic) language disorders, difficulties with expression or understanding, grammar, or general difficulty with organization of language.  

Speech services: individual or group sessions to improve the way your speech sounds to others. This may include difficulty with specific sounds (articulation) groups of sounds (phonology), motor planning difficulties (apraxia) or decreased clarity of speech caused by a stroke, TBI or other neurologic event (dysarthria).  

Swallowing therapy: If you have received a dysphagia diagnosis, we can help you with ongoing use of compensatory strategies and swallowing exercises to keep you eating and/or drinking safely.  

Cognitive-communication services: Memory, attention, problem solving, reasoning and ‘executive skills’ (judgment, organization, sequencing) are all related to how we process and produce language. Our students and SLPs can help you make improvements in these areas and learn strategies to help you better function in your day-to-day life.  

Augmentative or alternative communication (AAC): These services are designed for people who already have an AAC device and want ongoing help learning how to best use your device or help your loved one use their device most effectively. Sessions incorporate other technology to aid with communication such as texting, email and social media 


Voice services: learn how to avoid behaviors that are harmful to your vocal cords. Learn how to project your voice in a safe and healthy way.  

Gender-Affirming Communication Services: Learn how to safely modify your pitch, resonance and non-verbal communication to better align with your authentic self. Work with your student clinician to identify and achieve your ideal voice and communication.  


Accent modification services: learn strategies and techniques to modify your accent in certain situations when desired 

Stuttering therapy: Learn how to use compensatory strategies and different motor-based techniques to decrease instances of stuttering and improve overall fluency of speech. 

Autism/Neurodiversity (ISSAC)

The Integrated Supports for Students on the Autism Spectrum in College (ISSAC) program focuses on supporting adults with autism in achieving academic success, developing meaningful relationships, and attaining competitive employment. 

Students on the autism spectrum may need specialized supports to be successful in their college education. At the Department of Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences (SLHS), the Integrated Supports for Students on the Autism spectrum in College (ISSAC) program offers support- and strengths-based programming for students on the autism spectrum at Metropolitan State University of Denver. 

We focus on creating: 

  • a supportive and meaningful college experience for our students 
  • opportunities to engage in communication and social interactions with peers 
  • opportunities to develop independent self-advocacy skills for college navigation 
  • opportunities to discuss time management and organization during our students’ time in college 
  • opportunities to discuss and practice work-related communication 


  • group-based conversational interactions and relationship building fun/interactive activities 
  • group-based video gaming interactions 

Who can enroll: This program is currently offered for students registered in any undergraduate or graduate major at Metropolitan State University of Denver, CU Denver, or Community College of Denver.  

Cost: There is currently no cost for enrollment or services 

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