Letter from the Editors


Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Rowdy Scholar!

This issue represents the collective efforts of many people at MSU Denver over the past two years. While those individuals come from different departments and disciplines, hold varying faculty and staff ranks, and have had diverse experiences with undergraduate research, all of them share one thing in common: the belief that undergraduate research makes valuable contributions to knowledge and should thus be not only celebrated and presented at conferences, but published in an editor-reviewed, publicly-available journal. We are humbled by the dedication shown to this project by so many people.

Thanks to the generous collaborative efforts of the editorial board, faculty mentors, student authors, and others, this inaugural issue sets the tone for issues to come in a variety of ways. It represents a multitude of disciplines. It features work from students who have taken many different paths to and through MSU Denver. It showcases genuine scholarship, as well as thought-provoking creative work. We hope readers will find the work in this issue eye-opening, generative of further scholarship and creative work, and intellectually and artistically inspiring. We are incredibly proud of all the student authors and grateful for their faculty mentors.

It has been our honor and pleasure to shepherd this project through its first issue. We anticipate publishing annually and we invite undergraduate researchers at MSU Denver to submit their work: Submit to The Rowdy Scholar.

Elizabeth Kleinfeld, Professor of English, Writing Center Director

Sheryl Zajdowicz, Associate Professor of Biology


The Rowdy Scholar Founders

  • Elizabeth Kleinfeld
  • Sheryl Zajdowicz
  • Erin Bissell
  • Salina Blea
  • Sara Jackson
  • Kat Martinez
  • Vida Melvin
  • Liz Moore
  • Anahi Russo Garrido
  • Mandi Schaeffer Fry
  • Sarah Schliemann


Editorial Board and Additional Reviewers for This Issue

  • Elizabeth Kleinfeld
  • Sheryl Zajdowicz
  • Pamela Ansburg
  • Shelby Balik
  • Philip Bernhardt
  • Erin Bissell
  • Salina Blea
  • Robert Farmer
  • Jeffrey Helton
  • Deborah Horan
  • Christina Peters Huber
  • Sara Jackson
  • Jason Janke
  • Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
  • Kimberly Klimek
  • Kristen Lyons
  • Vida Melvin
  • Liz Moore
  • Jessica Parker
  • Christine Pink
  • Anahi Russo Garrido
  • Siva Santhanam
  • Mandi Schaeffer Fry
  • Sarah Schliemann
  • Kimberly VanHoosier-Carey


Articles in this Issue:


Bilingualism in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Author:  Shannon Lewis

Major:  Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences

Faculty Mentor: Siva Priya Santhanam

Impact of a SRP in Comparison to Location and Cost on Perceived Value for Money

Author:  Mitchell Mattix

Major:  Hospitality, Tourism & Events

Faculty Mentor:  Shinyong (Shawn) Jung

Perceived Power: Nonverbal Communication and Masculinity in Public Space

Author:  Julia Perry

Major: Sociology

Faculty Mentor: Rae Shevalier, Ph.D.

Ignore the Playground…

Author:  Cassandra Reid

Major:  English

Faculty Mentor:  Renee Ruderman

Evaluating Forecasts for Indian Summer Monsoon Precipitation Using the NESM

Author:  Erin Roberson

Major:  Meteorology

Faculty Mentor:  Keah Schuenemann

That Strikes a Chord! An Illustration of Permutation Groups in Music Theory

Author:  Eric Roon

Major:  Mathematics

Faculty Mentor:  Mandi Schaeffer Fry