Letter from the Editors:

We are proud to present the third annual issue of The Rowdy Scholar! Much like last year, this issue is the product of many people’s efforts under the difficult circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. Undergraduate researchers and writers, their mentors, and members of the editorial board all conducted their work remotely in the past year. All communication, meetings, and the other work of producing the issue took place online. We are grateful for the efforts of all involved despite the challenges they faced, and we are excited to showcase our students’ work.

And what distinguished work it is! The students who have contributed to this issue hail from all sectors of the university; the humanities, social sciences, and sciences are all represented here. Each of these papers has been through a rigorous process of review and revision that has involved the work of faculty mentors, anonymous reviewers, and editors. The final products represent the best of what MSU Denver has to offer: original research, critical analysis, and polished writing that reflects careful and creative thinking across the disciplines.

This issue is a tribute to those students who have chosen to go well above and beyond the requirements of their courses and academic programs to commit to this kind of work, which stands as evidence of their dedication to the highest academic standards of their fields.

We are pleased to support undergraduate scholarship in a forum that makes it available and accessible to all. We encourage you to read and cite the papers featured in our journal, and we urge all of MSU Denver’s undergraduate scholars to consider submitting work for consideration in future issues. For more information about submissions to The Rowdy Scholar, please go to Submission Guidelines.

Dr. Shelby M. Balik, Associate Professor of History

Dr. Mandi A. Schaeffer Fry, Associate Professor of Mathematics


Editorial Board and  Reviewers for This Issue:

  • Shelby Balik
  • Mandi Schaeffer Fry
  • Philip Bernhardt
  • Erin Bissell
  • Robert Farmer
  • Deborah Horan
  • Christina Peters Huber
  • Sara Jackson Shumate
  • Elizabeth Kleinfeld
  • Kimberly Klimek
  • Kristy Lyons
  • Matthew Mariner
  • Kelly McCusker
  • Vida Melvin
  • Sanaa Riaz
  • John Rief
  • Rich Sandoval
  • Siva Santhanam
  • Sarah Schliemann
  • Erin Seedorf
  • Dorothy Shapland
  • Lisa Suter
  • Kathryn Young
  • Kimberly VanHoosier-Carey
  • Sheryl Zajdowicz

Articles in This Issue:

Grieving in an Apocalypse: The AIDS Crisis and Patient-Directed Health Care

Student Author: Patrick Botts

Major:  History

Faculty Mentor: Andrea Maestrejuan

The Serotonin G-Protein Coupled Receptor 5HT2A: Molecular and Multiple Sequence Analysis

       Student Author:  Jorge Chalit

       Major:  Chemistry

       Faculty Mentor:  Emily Ragan

Able Archer 83, Near Nuclear Catastrophe

Student Author:  Sonjia Enck

Major:  Political Science

Faculty Mentor:  Sheila Rucki

Overlooked: Disordered Eating Behaviors and Metabolic Disorders in Adults 

Student author: Zahava L. Heydel 

Faculty Co-author: Phoutdavone Phimphasone-Brady (Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Colorado Anschutz Campus)

Major: Psychological Sciences

Faculty Mentor (MSU Denver): Linda Lockwood

Inditex and Sustainability

Student Author: Kelly Mutz

Major:  Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Faculty Mentor:  Sara Jackson Shumate

Korean Understandings of the Occupation Through Drama: Gaksital

Student Author:  William Steinmeyer

Major:  History

Faculty Mentor:  Andrea Maestrejuan

Impact of Vibrational Frequencies on State Mood and Mindfulness (paper)

Impact of Vibrational Frequencies on State Mood and Mindfulness (poster)

Student Author:  Erica Van Steenhuyse

Major:  Psychological Sciences

Faculty Mentor:  Michael Rhoads