Tips on Applying to Graduate School in Psychology

These links provide invaluable information on all aspects of applying to graduate programs in Psychology, including areas of study and types of programs, the application process, GRE prep, writing personal statements, and more!

Disclaimer: We’ve done our best to vet the information on the listed websites; but, be sure to verify the information.

Mitch Grad School Advice

Detailed information, advice and links re: applying to graduate programs in clinical/counseling psychology.

Preparing and Applying for Graduate School in Psychology

This series of 12 videos, produced by the APA, takes prospective graduate students step-by-step through the preparation, application, interview and admission processes.

Information About the GRE

Describes what it is, shows sample questions, tells you how to take it and most importantly how to purchase GRE preparation software–practice, practice.

How to Afford Graduate School

This toolkit offers guidance on how to afford and repay graduate school including:

  • Education costs and affordability
  • Aid, grants and funding opportunities
  • Loan repayment and forgiveness
  • financial fitness

APA’s Guide to “Graduate Study in Psychology”

A description of how to purchase online access to APA’s searchable database of over 500 graduate schools in psychology. You can search programs by program, institution or field.

Peterson’s Guide to Graduate Schools

Find graduate programs in specific areas of psychology (e.g., Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Science and Social Psychology) and find out the admissions criteria. Additional information is available at

Graduate Programs in Forensic Psychology

Great information about masters and doctoral programs presented by the American Psychology-Law Society (Division 41 of the APA).

CUR Registry of Undergraduate Researchers

Register your vitae with the Council of Undergraduate Researchers (CUR) to try to find a match with potential graduate program.

Find Summer Research Fellowships

National Science Foundation funded Research Experiences for Undergraduates are residential summer experiences that often include a stipend for travel, housing, etc.

Graduate School Application Process

An overview of the graduate school application process from the American Psychological Association.

Psychology Graduate School Wiki

A powerful search engine for graduate programs in different areas of psychology