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Public health is a fast-paced and critical component of our healthcare system that promotes and protects the health of people and their communities. The public health field is experiencing a bright outlook in Colorado. The state expects to see 85,000 related job positions in 2025.

Public health principles are fundamental guidelines and practices aimed at improving the well-being of communities and preventing health problems. In simple terms, these principles include things like promoting good hygiene, ensuring clean water, preventing diseases, and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Principles of Public Health provides a historical context for the development of the public health field, reviews the public health infrastructure and workforce, and explores the application of evidence-based practices addressing public health issues our communities face today.

MSU Denver’s Principles of Public Health 8-week online course offers career paths in government, nonprofit organizations, healthcare, and education. After successfully completing this course, you can jump right into the workforce with an entry-level position or continue on to a degree in Public Health at MSU Denver.

In the workforce, you can leverage your education from the public health principles online course by providing support to the following systems:

  • Health Education: Educating people about healthy habits and practices to prevent illnesses.
  • Disease Prevention: Implementing measures to stop the spread of diseases, like vaccination programs.
  • Environmental Safety: Ensuring a safe and clean environment to reduce health risks.
  • Health Policy: Developing and enforcing public health principles and policies that protect public health, such as smoking bans or food safety regulations.
  • Healthcare Access: Making healthcare services accessible to all, regardless of income or background.

Flexible schedule

Course is 8 weeks long, entirely online, and self-paced.

Career advisement

Receive a personal advising session with an industry leader.

High job demand

You will enhance your resume with critical skills.

Career Pathways in Public Health

Approximate return on investment for each academic pathway

Principles of Public Health ROI Graphic

Pathway 1: Enter the workforce quickly. Complete the Principles of Public Health course and immediately enter the workforce with job titles like Clinical Data Coordinator, Outreach Worker, Health Medical Scribe, Research Assistant, Administration Tech, and Community Health Worker.

  • Median salary is $34,500 year.

Pathway 2: Continue your academic journey and earn a degree in public health, which allows you to increase your earning potential. You can find positions like Policy Associate, Community Partnerships Coordinator, Infection Control Coordinator, Infection Prevention Program Coordinator, Health Data Science Coordinator, Health Educator, and Environmental Protection Specialist.

  • Median salary is $59,600 a year.

Take the course to upskill your resume to advance in your career or discover a new passion.

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