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Essential everyday business concepts and realities

Understanding essential business concepts and skills benefits professionals of all levels and in many domestic and international industries. Whether you own a business, work for a company, or are looking to switch careers, having a foundational understanding of the fundamental principles of business leads to greater confidence and opens the doors to many diverse career opportunities.

In the Introduction to Business course, students will delve into the overall business environment, how to create a value-based business, how to provide intellectual value to an existing business, the dynamics of financing a business, highly-effective marketing strategies, effective leadership and management, and the importance of technology.

This course focuses on a ‘pay it forward’ philosophy that engages each student’s needs and learning process. Students and the instructor have an accessible and open-minded academic relationship, which results in students realizing their perspectives opinions are of value.

Course description

Students will learn about the contemporary and future issues facing individuals and businesses in the Introduction to Business course. Learners will study fundamental business principles. The course is designed for students with or without a business background. Learners will receive different insights into the world of business from micro and macro view which impacts all business professionals both domestically and internationally.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of business in the domestic and international marketplaces
  • Ability to analyze and discuss how the economic forces of supply and demand affect the various types of business structures and competition
  • Define the differences between and various purposes of sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations

Competencies to be gained:

  • Can determine the different components of the internal and external business environment, including economics, ethics and social responsibility, and effective business communication
  • Understands the different business structures and can choose the correct one for the model
  • Understands how the different departments (finance, operations, HR, marketing, etc.) work together and affect the business
  • Can identify different accounting practices, resources, and utilize funds to maximize the value
  • Can develop marketing language that recognizes the unique selling proposition, customer needs, distribution, and pricing
  • Knows effective management, leadership, and motivation strategies to build and sustain an effective workplace

Career goal pathways

After taking the course, the learner can immediately enter the workforce, or continue on academic career to increasing earning potential.

Pathway 1: Enter the workforce quickly. Complete the Introduction to Business course and immediately enter the workforce or start your own company with essential business skills.

Pathway 2: Continue your academic career to earn one of 15 Business degrees from MSU Denver, including accounting, business administration, computer information systems, international business, and marketing.

Pathway 3: Earn a graduate certificate in Business Analytics.

Pathway 4: Increase your earning potential by earning an MBA, with concentrations in business analytics, strategic business, accounting, or general.

Take the course to upskill your resume to advance in your career or discover a new passion.

graphic showing four pathways

About the course

Fall 2022 schedule

Introduction to Business course

  • Registration is now open
  • Class starts – September 6
  • Last day to register – October 1
  • Class ends – November 11

Credit-By-Exam to convert the class to credit

  • Registration opens – October 6
  • Registration closes – November 18
  • Credit-By-Exam must be completed – December 18


Introduction to Business course

  • The course is $395, with a $35 transaction fee per payment. There are no books to purchase.


  • If you choose to convert the noncredit class to credit, you will take a Credit-By-Exam. The cost is $122, and there is no transaction fee.

What do I receive after I pass the course?

After successfully completing the Introduction to Business course, you will receive a certificate of completion. You can also receive a digital badge that will be embedded with the competencies learned. You can include this badge on your resume, LinkedIn page, portfolio, or share it with an employer.

You will also receive a personal advisement session with the instructor, Bob Farmer.

About the instructor

Bob Farmer, MSP-Organizational Leadership, is a Professor of Business at MSU Denver in the School of Professional Studies and the College of Hospitality. His focus is on a variety of domestic and international business disciplines.

He earned a Master’s in Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership from the University of Denver, focusing on e-learning and traditional learning systems. He is also Quality Matters Certified as an Online Curriculum Developer. He is currently leading an initiative to develop a relevant and academically effective online curriculum within MSU Denver, and lectures on The Dynamics of Leadership at other higher education and lifelong learning centers.

Bob, also known as Coach Bob, is a strong proponent of a student’s ongoing study of current events, future projections, and historical research and data to provide meaningful and measurable analysis and recommendations. All perspectives and opinions are welcome and respected.

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