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Important Dates and Deadlines

October 25, 2021

Spring Priority Registration Begins

November 5

Withdrawal Deadline for Fall 2021 Full-Semester Courses

November 22

Fall Break (Campus Open, No Classes)

November 25

Fall Holiday (Campus Closed)

Student Resources

Tips for History Majors and Minors

  1. Students majoring in History must have a minor in a different academic discipline.
  2. Students majoring in History cannot use a History course to fulfill the Historical General Studies Requirement.  Instead they must take an additional three hour General Studies course in one of the following general studies areas:  Arts and Humanities, Natural and Physical Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences I, Social and Behavioral Sciences II.
  3. Students minoring in History may use one of their minor courses to fulfill the Historical General Studies requirement.  Students under pre 2015-2016 catalogs should contact the History Department to get a CAPP adjustment made to allow one course to move from the minor into Historical General Studies. Students under the 2015-2016 and later catalogs should take a General Studies history course that also counts as Global Diversity to fulfill their Historical General Studies requirement.

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