Study Abroad is more than sightseeing.

It’s taking big leaps, going with the flow, thinking in new ways, singing new songs, tasting new flavors, adventuring far and wide, overcoming challenges, raising cultural awareness, marching to your own beat, catching the sunset, & discovering yourself.

GoAbroad.Com Writing Team

Program Overview

International study experiences are once-in-a-lifetime, life-changing opportunities with enormous academic, personal, and professional benefits. An experience abroad sets you apart from your peers, enhances your studies, and engages you as a citizen of the world whether you wish to learn a new language, fulfill requirements of your major, or simply focus on earning general elective credit.

Through education abroad, you can gain skills in cross-cultural communication, learn to think critically, and develop self-confidence, flexibility, and an appreciation of diversity – all essential components of your college education and today’s global workplaces.

MSU Denver has a robust catalog of university-sponsored and approved study abroad programs. We work individually with each student to determine the best program possibilities based on preferred locations, timeframes, and areas of study. Meeting with a study abroad advisor early on helps ensure that you find the best program type that suits your individual situation.

Students can be abroad for as little as 10 days to a full academic year, and take classes that fit in with their major, minor, general studies or general electives.

MSU Denver Sponsored options include

  • Faculty Led Courses
  • Exchanges

MSU Denver Approved Programs include

  • Direct Enrollment at select universities
  • Affiliated Providers

Students can also participate in approved options outside of traditional study abroad such as

  • Internships and Service Learning
  • Remote or Integrated Study Abroad
  • Career Semester
  • Innovation Lab
  • Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship
  • Critical Language Scholarship Programs


Getting Started

Plan early and work through the steps below to keep on track for graduation.

  • Meet With a Study Abroad Advisor
  • Research your program options
  • Look into your financial aid and additional funding options

Things to Think About

  • Academics:  Early planning helps you stay on track toward graduation. Talk to your academic advisor to determine which coursework to complete abroad and what programs might be a good fit for your major.
  • Cost/Budget: Do you utilize financial aid, or receive scholarships to attend MSU Denver? Those funds can go towards your abroad costs. Will you need to secure additional financial aid to finance your time abroad?
  • Destinations: Where you might want to go, and where you do not want to go. Do you plan to travel while abroad? Are you most comfortable in a lively, cosmopolitan city, or in a quiet, rural town?
  • Timing & Length:  Programs vary in length from just one week to an entire semester or academic year. Think about which program fits best with your schedule to keep on track academically.
  • Accommodations Do you prefer to live with a host family, in a residence hall, or in a student apartment? Live on your own, with a roommate, or in a more independent setting? Have meals prepared for you, or do your own grocery shopping and food preparation?
  • Extracurriculars: Do you want a program that has built-in excursions and field trips, or do you prefer to travel independently? Consider immersing yourself in the local culture through events and projects, volunteer work, student organizations, and other activities to make the most of your experience.
  • Level of Support: Would you prefer a program with a high level of support or a more independent education abroad program?

Take a personal assessment to help you sort out your ideal program

How to Apply

After you set your goals for an education abroad, figure out your finances, identify a program and classes to take – it is time to apply!

  • Check Eligibility Requirements. You must be in good disciplinary and academic standing (2.5 GPA or higher) at MSU Denver to participate on an education abroad program
  • Complete Initial MSU Denver Application
  • Complete all Pre-Departure Forms [after approval]
  • For some programs, you will also need to complete applications for your host program/institution. You also must meet the eligibility requirements of your chosen program (GPA, prerequisites, etc.).
  • Pay Attention to Deadlines! Application deadlines range from 2-7 months before a program begins. Advance planning ensures you have plenty of time to fulfill financial aid and/or scholarship requirements and complete the application process. Some programs have “rolling admission,” which means they accept all qualified students on a first-come/first-served basis. Apply early to rolling admission programs as they may fill up quickly.
  • Pay any application fees or program deposits. Most education abroad programs require you to pay a nonrefundable fee as part of the application process. You may also have to submit a deposit to hold your space on a program if you are accepted. The Office of International Studies does not charge any fees.


Schedule an Appointment

Study Abroad Advisors do not have open office hours.

Appointments can be scheduled online

You will only need to schedule with one advisor.