The Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) team is dedicated to supporting members of the MSU Denver community through establishing and sustaining relationships with corporations and foundations. We want all members of the Roadrunner community to have the funding they need to succeed, whether through working directly with CFR or through the resources we provide. On this page, you will find resources to assist you in your search for funding, whether you’re new to the grants process or a veteran fundraiser.

Note: If seeking funding over $15,000 or from a Centrally Managed Entity, please contact the CFR team for support.

The Grants Toolkit offers a comprehensive guide to all stages of seeking and receiving a grant, from concept development to post-award, and is best suited for those seeking funding independently from CFR who are new to the process.

Those looking for less in-depth support can find samples and outlines of proposals, reports, and other documents often required when applying for grants below.

Before you begin your funding search, please review CFR’s list of Centrally Managed Entities, a group of organizations that require funding requests to be submitted via the CFR team regardless of funding amount.