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Crowdfunding Projects

MSU Denver offers a custome crowdfunding platform to host your crowdfunding projects. Crowdfunding projects are NOT appropriate for all fundraising goals.

Crowdfunding projects are time-restricted fundraising campaigns with very specific fundraising goals. They rely upon social media marketing to the masses and leveraging the personal and professional relationships of the individuals benefiting from the raised money. Think this is the right fit for your goals? Learn more below and contact Bre Milnes to set up your project today.

Interested in starting a crowdfunding project?

MSU Denver has launched our very own crowdfunding platform (GiveCampus) to help the Roadrunner community bring projects you’re passionate about to life. The platform is open to all current students, faculty and staff to submit project ideas. Here are some of the basic guidelines for crowdfunding fundraising:

  • Project teams must consist of at least three MSU Denver students and/or faculty and staff
  • Projects may not raise funds designated for one specific individual
  • The duration of fundraising for your project cannot exceed 30 days
  • Fundraising goals are capped at $2,500 (unless prior approval is given)

Because our platform is administered by the MSU Denver Foundation, there are numerous advantages over traditional crowdfunding sites.

  • Projects using GiveCampus do not incur fees above the standard Foundation deposit fees (unlike other retail crowdfunding programs that charge per donation and/or flat fees).
  • The platform will be promoted by MSU Denver to provide awareness of projects among alumni and other related networks
  • Project teams receive all funds raised, even if the goal is not met
  • There is a dedicated crowdfunding team to work with you and help position your project for success

If you have a project you think would be a good fit for crowdfunding, please review the attached documents for further details and contact Bre Mines for more information.

Grant Support

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Grant Toolkit

This handout is meant to guide you through the process of seeking foundation or corporate foundation support for your work. In many cases, we encourage you to contact a foundation directly to determine if your project aligns with its mission and strategy and to learn more about the process for requesting support.

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Centrally Managed Entites

There are a handful of centrally managed corporations and foundations that should only be approached for funding through or with clearance from Corporate and Foundation Relations, at the request of either the funder’s leadership or the University’s. Search the centrally managed database here.


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