Name of Organization

Section 1: The name of the organization shall be the Metropolitan State University of Denver of Women’s and Gender Studies Honor Society, Iota, Iota, Iota.

Purpose of Organization

Section 1: The purpose of this organization shall be to encourage and support scholarship and excellence in women’s and gender studies, as well as foster community among organizations with shared objectives at Metropolitan State University of Denver, in addition to the greater feminist community.

Qualifications for Membership

Section 1: Membership shall be open to contract majors or minors in women’s and gender studies or any student at Metropolitan State University of Denver having a strong interest in women’s and gender studies and having achieved second semester standing with at least 3 credit hours of women’s and gender studies courses and has one of the following:

  • a GPA of at least 3.0 at the time application is turned in,
  • a written essay to display interest in GWS, or
  • has been nominated by an MSU Denver professor.
    If GPA decreases during anytime of membership it will be up to official officers to make
    their best decision hence the individuals participation and circumstances.

Section 2: All who meet approved academic criteria are invited to become members of this women and gender studies academic society without regard to gender, race, ethnicity, religion, differing abilities, economic class, or sexual/gender identities.

Section 3: Officers shall be elected from the general membership. No one officer shall serve more than 2 years and not more than one year in any given office unless there are no qualified candidates who choose to run for election.

Section 4: All active members shall complete 1 community service act in the form of individual or group project during membership. Community projects must focus on feminist empowerment and/or support of community; with positive social impact and focus on dismantling systems of oppression.

Officers of the Organization

Section 1: The elected officers of this organization shall be as follows: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. All duty descriptions are under ARTICLE IV of the Bylaws.

Section 2: The term of office shall be for the academic year, and students should run with the intention and ability to serve for the entire academic year.

Section 3: Elections shall be held during the spring semester prior to the end of the academic year.

Section 4: It shall be the duty of the President to preside over meetings of the organization.

Section 5: It shall be the duty of the Vice President to serve in the capacity of President during an absence of the President.

Section 6: It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to administer the financial affairs of the organization and to present the status of finances at organization meetings for approval and inclusion in the minutes of the organization.

Section 7: It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep the minutes of the organization’s meetings and to present the same for approval and inclusion in the minutes of the organization. The Secretary shall also be responsible for the correspondence, both incoming and outgoing, of the organization as well as management of social media.

Section 8: It shall be the duty of all officers to represent the organization and its members in a respectful, inclusive, and considerate manner.

Section 9: The requirement for any officer position includes sophomore standing as well as an active membership.

Section 10: Officers in training may be implemented if there’s interest. They shall shadow either President, Vice-President, Treasurer, or Secretary during the Spring semester before elections to create confidence, knowledge, and transparency within the society.


Section 1: The governing body of this society shall be known as council.

Section 2: Council shall be composed of positions as follows: 1) President; 2) Vice-President; 3) Secretary; and 4) Treasurer.

Section 3: Meetings of council shall be open to all voting members of this society who shall be permitted to speak on any topic properly under discussion, but only members of council will have a vote.


Section 1: Meetings will be held once each month at the Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy unless otherwise specified.

Section 2: Special meetings shall be called by email by the Secretary of the organization at least one week prior to the special meeting.

Section 3: The national chapters Iota, Iota, Iota business meeting shall be conducted annually at the National Women’s Studies Association conference.

Section 4: A motion may be proposed by any member of the organization. A vote will be held and a simple majority will win.


Section 1: A simple majority of the elected officials and members in attendance may transact business legally and shall constitute a quorum.


Section 1: Amendments must be presented to the Executive Board for approval before they may be submitted to the organization for vote. Amendments must pertain to the purpose of the honor society.

Section 2: Provisions and amendment changes may be proposed by all organization members, including other chapters, and must first be approved by the Executive Committee, and then approved by the Faculty Advisor before changes can be ratified.

Enacting Clause

Section 1: This Constitution shall become effective upon approval of the Club and Organization Coordinator of the Student Activities Office of Metropolitan State University of Denver .


Definition of Name

Section 1: The Women’s and Gender Studies Honor Society, Iota, Iota, Iota is named for the ancient goddesses Inanna, Ishtar, and Isis.

Description and Purpose

Section 1: This organization shall be a non-secret, egalitarian national society of scholars dedicated to the ideals of excellence in Women’s and Gender Studies and scholarship.

Section 2: It shall be the purpose of this society to promote an interest in Women’s and Gender Studies, research in social problems affecting all women, men, and other genders and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to improvement in the condition of all people.

Section 3: It shall be the goal of this society to create a safe space for students to connect, research, and implement ideas around dismantling the systems of oppression in place.


Section 1: Those persons who have been approved for membership by a chartered chapter of this society and who have paid the initiation fee for membership, shall be accorded the status of life member.

Section 2: Undergraduate and graduate members who maintain active status within the chapter shall be granted the status of voting member.

Section 3: There shall be two main tiers of membership: Active and Inactive members. Active members are described as attending 50% or more meetings and participating in community projects. Active members will receive a graduation cord for their hard work. Inactive members are described as attending 50% or less meetings and not actively participating in community projects.

Section 4: Alumni of Triota will have the opportunity to attend Alumni events and activities that will be hosted by the Undergraduate chapter at MSU Denver.

Section 4: Dues shall be determined by each respective chapter of Triota.

Section 5: Iota Iota Iota shall permit chapters to mentor, induct, and develop “Mini TRIOTA” members. The Mini Triota Scholarship Program will promote the empowerment of young people through education, community service, and group membership of like-minded scholars that value equality through Women’s and Gender studies, scholastics, community involvement, and Leadership. The Mini Triota program will influence recruitment for the colleges that implement this program and encourage students to further their education. Ultimately, TRIOTA wishes to create a legacy of feminist values that encourage diversity, egalitarianism, and support academic environments for all students.

  1. This is NOT a required program for all TRIOTA chapters
  2. This program partners with Local High Schools
  3. Requirements for becoming a Mini Triota member are as follows:
    1. Junior or Senior in High School,
    2. 3.0 GPA,
    3. Take one feminist class (either at their high school or at the college level),
    4. 4 hours of community service with Triota mentor/ members,
    5. Pay membership dues
  4. Mini Triota will be eligible for induction, pins, and certificates
    1. If financially feasible to individual TRIOTA chapters: May offer scholarships to Mini Triota members; Each Chapter will be solely responsible and will assume payer responsibilities for scholarship(s) offered
    2. Chapters that offer scholarship(s): Scholarship proposal and plans must be submitted to Alpha Chapter for Approval.


Section 1: Officers of this society shall be four in number and shall be elected by voting members by email ballot. The officers of this society shall be as follows: 1) President; 2) Vice President; 3) Secretary; and 4) Treasurer.

Section 2: Candidates for these offices shall be named by the nominating committee.

Section 3: Officers of this society shall be qualified for their positions by being voting members at the time of their candidacy for office and during their term of office.

Section 4: In the event that the President is unable to serve a full term of office, the Vice President shall automatically assume the office of President for the unexpired portion. In the event that the Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer is still unable to serve a full term of office,
first right of refusal shall be given to the current officers. If a replacement cannot be secured, the officers will choose by a majority vote.

Section 5: The duties of the officers of this society shall be as follows:

  1.  The President shall act as Chair of Council at all meetings and perform all functions as Executive Officer of this society consistent with the policies of council. The President shall handle administrative duties, such as processing new member applications, sending out welcome letters, and organizing officer meetings. The President shall also focus on the CFC funding presentation for Student Activities for annual Induction Ceremony, reserve space through the AHEC, recruiting new members by visiting classrooms to promote Triota, attending officer training through Student Activities.
  2. It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to coordinate at least one volunteer activity, work with the President on CFC funding proposal for annual Induction Ceremony, recruit new members by visiting classrooms to promote Triota, assume duties of the President in their absence.
  3. The Vice-President shall assume the chair of council in the absence of the President and shall fill the unexpired term of the President when that office is vacant, upon confirmation by council.
  4. The Secretary shall be archivist for the society, assisting other officers as need arises. It is the duty of the secretary to record the meetings of council, manage social media sites, send email updates via a weekly newsletter to members about meetings, events and other opportunities, maintain and update historical records (e.g. member alumni contacts, event documentation, etc.), recruit new members by visiting classrooms to promote Triota.
  5. The Treasurer shall be fiscal officer for the society performing such duties as council may assign. It is the duty of the treasurer to receive, disburse, and otherwise properly manage and record all financial transactions for this society consistent with policies of council, complete necessary paperwork for all purchasing needs, ordering Triota merchandise, manage the RoadrunnerLink website for the organization, organize at least one fundraising activity per semester, work with the President and Vice President on CFC funding presentation for Student Activities for annual Induction Ceremony.
  6. The Faculty Adviser’s duties are as follows: serve as a resource for feminist theory and practices and new chapter requests (only applies to Alpha Chapter). The faculty advisor will be the center contact between national Triota chapters. They will also assist members with accessing campus and community resources and set up channels for mediation and conflict resolution in moments of dispute.

Section 6: Additional officers desired by council shall be appointed by action of council.

Section 7: Removal of Officers:

  1. An officer may be removed from the office only for cause by a two-thirds vote of
    members of council present and voting either in person or by proxy at an annual meeting where charges are studied by council.
  2. Cause for removal from office shall consist of such matters as misuse of office or
    persistent failure to perform duties of office.


Section 1: The faculty advisor’s duties are as follows: serve as a resource for feminist theory and practices, actively engage where assistance is needed or requested, assist members with accessing campus and community resources, and set up channels for mediation and conflict resolution in moments of dispute.

Section 2: The faculty advisor will be elected by the council through a majority vote. The faculty adviser will hold said position for a period of at least one year or until advisor resigns or council votes in a new faculty advisor.


Section 1: Official actions and policies of this society shall be set by a plurality of members voting when a quorum is present at annual meetings or at specially called meetings; except for proposed constitutional amendments which will require a two-thirds vote consistent with Article VIII.

Section 2: Council shall receive reports of the nominating committee, review qualifications of nominees, approve the slate or return it to the nominating committee, and set dates by which the Secretary must mail and receive ballots. Council shall review recommendations of the nominating committee and rank order of nominees.

Section 3: Council shall receive reports and proposed budgets from the planning committee, review the desirability of such recommendations, and vote their approval or rejection for implementation.


Section 1: The annual members meeting will include discussion of inherent contradictions of elitism in honor societies vs inclusionary principles and values consistent with feminist ideologies.


Section 1: Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by members of council or the Executive Committee. Proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing to council for study.

Section 2: Ratification of amendments to this Constitution shall require a three-fourths vote of chapter representatives casting ballots.