Plan your sequencing of courses carefully

Professor Keah Schuenemann can help you map out a graduation plan, but below are some flow charts and examples.  Whether you are a freshman, a transfer student, or a student with a previous degree, we will find a plan that fits your goals!  Some of our courses are offered every year, every third semester, or every two years, so meet with Keah to avoid missing something.

Math:  We need you on the path to Calculus, so if you don’t test into Calculus, you might have to take MTH 1110 College Algebra for Calculus (or MTH 1111) and MTH 1120 College Trigonometry, or maybe you test into MTH 1400 Precalculus Mathematics instead.  Math placement scores (ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer) will determine which math you should start in, unless you are a transfer student or have prior learning credit in math, in which case your previous course work will help determine this.  The prerequisites listed on this math prerequisite page should help you determine which math you are ready for.

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Professional Meteorology Concentration

MTR Degree Flowchart 2022 Professional Concentration

Professional Meteorology four year plan

Applied Meteorology Concentration

MTR Degree Flowchart 2022 Applied Concentration

Applied Meteorology 4 year sequence

Meteorology Course Rotations

Some courses follow a 2, 3, or 4-semester rotation, which means it can be important not to miss a course offering when it comes around.  Below is a tentative plan for which semesters we plan to offer which course.  Plans can change based on demand or other factors, so we appreciate your patience if we need to make changes.

Please read the course description page for an accessible version

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