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The Meteorology degree remained the same for a long time until 2021-2022 when we removed the General Physics II lecture from the major and replaced it with the General Physics II lab.  We also began requiring the Radar and Satellite course, which used to be on the list of electives.  This meant we reduced the number of meteorology elective credits from 8 to 5.

In 2022-2023 we took the traditional meteorology degree and renamed it “Professional Meteorology.”  We added a second concentration named “Applied Meteorology,” which is quite different and does not require the math minor.  Students on older catalogs wishing to declare the Applied Meteorology concentration should speak to the department advisor to get their catalog moved to the 2022-2023 catalog.  This option to declare the Applied option begins in August 2022.  Read more about the Applied option on the Meteorology Major page.

Previous Degree Check Sheets

MTR Major Degree Check Sheet 2021-2022

Our curriculum changed a bit for the 2021-22 catalog. Please use this degree check sheet for all pre-2021 catalogs:

MTR Major Degree Check Sheet 2020-2021

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Meteorology Degree Flowchart pre_2021

5 Year Course Rotation

5 year meteorology course rotation