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Updates due to the Coronavirus

Hello and Welcome 

Currently we are not on campus to help you, whether you are a perspective student, current student, or just curious. While we are out of the office you can reach us at our department email or if you know who you would like to contact visit our Faculty and Staff page.

Please look through the pages for the Engineering and Engineering Technology Department and all the majors we offer: Civil Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering, Construction Project Management, Electrical Engineering Technology, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Sustainable Systems Engineering.



The road to making the world a better place will be paved by engineers

Engineering and Engineering Technology LogoAs the world becomes more technologically advanced, it will be up to the brightest minds to solve new problems. Computers will do most of the heavy lifting, but there will always be a need for a human element when complex solutions are needed. The demand for skilled engineers dedicated to solving humanitys most dire problems, including climate change and crumbling infrastructure, will continue to grow. If youre up for the challenge, we can help you along the way.

The Department of Engineering and Engineering Technology at MSU Denver offers a vast selection of undergraduate degrees to fulfill your curiosity and maximize your career opportunities. Sustainable Systems Engineering and Environmental Engineering majors study the underlying problems of climate change and how to solve them through innovation. Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology majors explore inventive ways to improve existing technology while experimenting on new and improved ideas. Civil Engineering Technology majors examine the planning, design and construction of infrastructure, while Computer Engineering majors combine digital hardware and customized software to build computer programs that make our lives easier. Our faculty will challenge you to be your very best to ensure that youre prepared for a rigorous career.

Through math, science, analysis and problem-solving, a degree from the Department of Engineering and Engineering Technology gives you the tools necessary to change the world for the better.

Our Program Options

Our responsibility and commitment is to prepare students to succeed in reaching their academic goals as well as in various professional engineering fields. We are an ABET accredited Engineering Technology program and our graduates can go on to take both the FE and PE exams. Our engineering programs are new and working toward ABET accreditation.

"I got my first engineering job at Erbtec Engineering in December 1989 through an Electrical Engineering Technology professor. So, I guess you could say that not only did I get my degree at MSU Denver, they helped launch my career as an electronics engineer."

Lisa Moder. MSU Denver '90

2009 Test and Measurement World Magazine's “Test Engineer of the Year”

Career Prospects

A B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology allows you to pursue a variety of careers in industries such as:
Construction, automotive, energy, surveying, mining, research, transportation, utilities, consultation, environmental, and more.
With a B.S. in Computer Engineering, you're most likely to specialize as either a software engineer or a computer hardware engineer. Most computer engineers are employed by high-end tech companies such as:
Google, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, LinkedIn, National Instruments, Amazon, Oracle, IBM, HP, Lockheed Martin, and more.
A B.A. in Construction Project Management could translate to an annual salary of $89,000 or more. In Colorado, the annual mean salary for Construction Project Managers was $92,370 in 2016.
With a B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology, your skills will allow you to follow a wide range of technical and engineering career paths, including:
Communication systems engineer, electrical engineer, electronic systems tester, automated equipment technician, illumination engineer, industrial engineer, broadcast technologist, circuit engineer, safety engineer, and more.
Industries that employ Environmental Engineers include:
Architectural and engineering services, federal and local governments, scientific and technical consulting services, waste and water treatment, building construction, chemical manufacturing, energy infrastructure, legal services, and more.
Your B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology will make you eligible to work in the following sectors:
Aeronautics and aerospace, automotive, higher education, computer manufacturing, construction, design, machinery, mining, product development, transportation, and many more.
A B.S. in Sustainable Systems Engineering will have you immediately prepared to work on or lead in areas such as:
Water supply, food production, sanitation and waste management, energy development, transportation, industrial processing, and many more.

Aaron Brown_Sustainable Systems Engineering
He led a project where students developed a water filter for survivors of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal and also to design a chimney that they could construct themselves to vent the smoke from their homes when they cook. His course, Humanitarian Engineering, takes students to foreign countries such as Costa Rica and Mexico, where they work on humanitarian mechanical engineering projects.

Aaron Brown, Ph.D.

EAET Professor

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ABET | Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission

Select programs of MSU Denver's Department of Engineering and Engineering Technology are accredited by ABET.