MSU Denver's Student Code of Conduct & Academic Responsibilities

MSU Denver students are expected to uphold their academic responsibilities, which are about following academic integrity standards. These standards encompass many things including, but not limited to:

  • plagiarism
  • cheating
  • unauthorized assistance
  • outsourcing assignments and exams
  • fabrication
  • facilitating academic dishonesty for others

Academic integrity, when violated, is also known as academic dishonesty and academic misconduct.

If you are a student, faculty, or staff member, please select the links below to learn more about academic integrity standards, the academic conduct process, and to file a report regarding an academic integrity violation.

To see an overview of the academic misconduct process, click here: MSU Denver Academic Misconduct Process .

Academic Integrity Standards

What you Need to Know about Student Academic Responsibilities

Academic Integrity can be complicated as there are a variety of formats and writing styles. The key is to take initiative and find out what the expectations are before it’s too late. Below is a list of key Academic Integrity terms and standards to help you further understand what it means to uphold the academic expectations at MSU Denver.