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Student Testimonials


“The professors in the CJC department are an incredible group of individuals who push you to broaden your thoughts when it comes to the difficult issues within the system. Each and every CJC professor that I have had at MSU Denver has challenged my thoughts and allowed me to become an analytical thinker and a better educated individual.” - Lindsey Baker


“Coming into MSU Denver as a freshman was very overwhelming, but once I found the CJC department I was very confident going forward. I have really enjoyed becoming a CJC major, and the classes are all very challenging and relevant to issues faced in today’s world. The advising in the criminal justice department has really helped me stay on the right track and also has helped me reach out too many volunteer and internship opportunities.” - Austin Miller

“The CJC Department provided a uniquely personalized experience for me while I have been spreading my wings. I had been out of school nearly 10 years, 4 of which I spent in the military, coming back with an explosive desire to graduate within my GI Bills allotted time, 3 years. The department stepped up to my goals with vigor. Professors insisted on making my resume shine and guiding me towards a professional status unlike those of my peers. My advisors allowed me to regularly meet with them to make sure I was on track to meet my daunting goals.” - Stephanie Bricker

“The CJC program at MSU Denver is definitely one of the best. The professors are what really make this program great for many different reasons. They are experienced in different areas of the Crimi-nal Justice System so they are able to give different perspectives on the system. They make one-on-one connections with students and help students prepare for a very competitive job market. Their doors are always open to help the students in any way they can.” - Brittany Kimmel

“My experience within the CJC Department during my undergraduate degree is the primary rea-son I decided to go to Graduate School. I worked closely with professors in multiple ways that were not restricted to the classroom. The CJC Department is also where my love for research started, which changed the trajectory of my career path.” - Nicole Pyfer (Class of 2015)

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