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The Internal Audit Unit serves as an independent and objective resource to examine direct and indirect activities involving the procurement of goods and services as a service to the Board of Trustees and the President of Metropolitan State College of Denver.



The Internal Audit Unit is responsible for conducting internal audits and evaluating the College's risk management, control, and governance processes. The audits include assessments of the reliability of departmental financial information, compliance with College policies and procedures, compliance with laws and regulations, safeguarding assets, and the effectiveness and efficiency of operations. In addition, the Auditing Unit may provide consulting services related to internal controls, special investigations, and other areas of interest and concern.



The Internal Audit Unit has no direct operating responsibility or authority for management processes, internal controls, and any of the activities or operations they review; thereby, maintaining a spirit of independence and objectivity.


Reporting Relationship and Authority

The Internal Audit Unit, in an effort of maintaining independence, will have a direct reporting relationship to the Board of Trustee’s and the President of the College. The Internal Auditor administratively reports to the Vice President of Administration and Finance. The Internal Auditing Unit is authorized by the Board of Trustees and the President to perform audits approved by the Trustee’s and President and to engage in other independent reviews and consulting activities as required in support of the College mission.

Adopted by the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees and the College President, January 26, 2006

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