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Google Classroom Instructions - Update

The Western Educational Equity Assistance Center is transitioning to Google Classroom as its platform for the free online courses offered in our Virtual College. The Blackboard Course Sites access will still be available on the three existing courses, but all future courses will be developed within Google Classroom. The current courses are now available in Google Classroom and you can access information on all courses at the WEEAC Virtual College home page:

To access WEEAC Virtual College Courses through Google Classroom follow the steps below. Google Classroom will present the course content in pdf documents for each module. The modules will have live links to course content, videos, and resource materials. All course completion documents will be available in the final module through a live link in the pdf document. For technical questions please contact

1) Make sure you have a google account as you will need to sign in. You can create one at no cost using any email address.

2) Go to Google Classroom at the following link and sign into your google account:

3) Once you are signed in click on the + sign at the top right hand of the page. On the dropdown menu click on Join Class.

4) A pop-up screen will ask for the class code. Use the codes below to access the course you would like to join.

5) If you have any problems with the course codes or accessing our Google Classroom please email: 

*The codes have been updated as of 8/7/20

Equity in K-12 Education                                                                              Code: 3eskuig

Who has Bias? We all do!                                                                             Code: 2mz6sau

Successful Practices for Working With Native American Students              Code: bizrjsh

Supporting Students Gender Identity and Expression                                 Code: sx3jyen             

Trauma Responsive Practices in the Classroom                                           Code: sjfa7vu

Culturally Responsive Parent and Family Engagement                                Code: zbypmvq 

Getting To Know Title IX                                                                               Code: zbypmvq 


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