The Office of Testing Services administers the CIS 2010 Placement Test. Students must present a valid photo ID at the time of the test.

Testing on campus in Tivoli Room 347:

No appointment is necessary to take the exam during regular business hours, Monday through Friday between 9am and 3pm.

Testing at home using a virtual proctoring service:

The CIS2010 exam is also available to complete online at home using a virtual proctoring service. Access to the service requires Microsoft Teams, a high-speed internet connection and a webcam.

To request a test at home please send an email from your mailbox to: [email protected]

  • Include your MSU Denver student ID number.
  • Specify which exam you need to take (CIS2010 Placement Test, to be completed at home)
  • Include full name and contact information.

Prepare for the CIS2010 Placement Test:

For study and preparation materials as well as general information on the CIS2010 Placement Test please see the CIS website.

(Note before study: The current 2022 version of the CIS Placement Test does not include MS Access questions or content.)

General exam information:

  • The exam has 100 computer concepts questions and Excel questions worth one point each. All 100 questions must be answered within 120 minutes.
  • Scores are available within two business days of taking the test.
  • Students scoring 75% or higher will be able to register for CIS2010.
  • Students scoring below 75% may register for CIS/CSS1010
  • Students may take the test twice in a five year period. Students may not test twice on the same day.