On-campus, place-based proctoring for online courses - Information for Students

This exam reservation and scheduling system is for online courses that allow or require students to complete class exams in a place-based proctoring environment. These exams will be proctored in Tivoli Room 347. Faculty will inform students if class exams require proctoring using this service. Please review the directions and policies listed below.

For spring semester 2023 Testing Services will offer appointment start times Monday through Friday between 9am and 3pm. Beginning February 7 extended evening hours will be available on Tuesdays.

Students may schedule appointments for online exams using the link below.

  • Faculty will contact students as soon as an exam is available to schedule. Follow the link provided by your instructor to directly access the reservation system and schedule an exam appointment.
  • Students may also access the exam reservation system by logging into Student Profile (Self-Service Banner) from the Student Hub. Then, click the four square icon in the top left corner, click “students” then click “Online Course Test Reservations.”



Important policies and procedures for place-based online class testing:

  • Testing Services requires all students to schedule appointments for their place-based tests for online courses.
  • Students should arrive at their scheduled time to Tivoli Student Union Room 347 with appropriate testing materials and a photo ID. Students without a valid picture ID may not take an exam. Please bring your ID, a picture of an ID is not acceptable.
  • No children are permitted in the testing rooms. Students may not leave children unattended in the Testing Services lobby.
  • Testing Services will not collect any additional course materials, including homework, from students.
  • Appointment times available according to predetermined time blocks. Some time blocks may fill quickly, so avoid missing out on your preferred test time by scheduling an appointment as soon as you receive your exam notification.
  • Students must arrive on time for scheduled appointments or run the risk of having to reschedule or possible cancellation. Testing Services may deny seating to students who fail to arrive at their scheduled appointment time.
  • It is a student’s responsibility to communicate with their professor regarding test aids (such as scantrons & calculators), deadlines, and required test materials.
  • All tests are administered according to instructions provided by the faculty.
  • No personal belongings such as hats, coats, food, drinks, mobile phones, headphones, smart watches, hand-held computers, purses or backpacks allowed at your seat while testing.
  • Upon arrival students will place all personal belongings in a locker. MSU Denver is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Use of an electronic or web-enabled device such as a smart phone, smart watch, tablet, unauthorized aid, failure to follow testing procedures, or engaging in any type of misconduct may result in dismissal from the Testing Services office.


If you have additional questions relating to testing policies or procedures, please call Testing Services at: 303-615-1700

On-campus, place-based proctoring for online courses - Information for Faculty

As of Spring 2023 the service formerly known as “mostly online” testing continues to be available to offer place-based testing for online courses.

MSU Denver faculty teaching Online courses may use this service:

  • For paper/pencil exams used in online courses that require student attendance at a place-based proctoring location. Students may test at MSU Denver’s Office of Testing Services for these exams. Note that faculty must also allow students to test at alternative place-based proctoring locations. Students unable to report to MSU Denver for a place-based exam from an online course must locate a proctoring service in their area; faculty will then correspond with that external proctoring service regarding exam details.
  • For students that, for whatever reason, are unwilling to complete an online exam using the virtual proctoring service provided within the online course (usually Canvas/ProctorU). In these cases faculty may offer the student an alternative option to test at the MSU Denver office of Testing Services. Upon request the place-based alternative exam will be made available to all students in the class. Faculty, please consult with Russell Reynolds in Testing Services for questions about this option.

To see a copy of the Online Cover Sheet, please read this page and then click the “Online Exam Cover Sheet” link at the bottom of the page.


The Testing Center is located in the Tivoli Building, Room 347. For additional questions, call 303-615-1700. The Alternative place-based proctoring service for online courses provides a controlled environment for examination proctoring. Only online courses at MSU Denver may utilize this service, and in all cases students must be allowed additional proctoring options such as ProctorU virtual proctoring services or alternative location place-based proctoring services (proctoring at a place-based location other than MSU Denver).

  • Submit all Online exams with a completed Online Exam Cover Sheet.
  • The Testing Center only allows closed book, closed note, full-length exams (no quizzes). Include any reference material, such as formulas or tables, within the exam.
  • When using Canvas for exams, confirm exam settings, dates, and passwords before submitting the Online Exam Cover Sheet. Testing Services does not have access to your course on Canvas and cannot view, alter, change or add any content.
  • Deliver only one exam at a time for each course, Testing Services does not allow overlapping exam dates for a course.
  • Faculty teaching multiple sections of the same course should turn in only one cover sheet listing each CRN separated by a comma.
  • For paper-pencil exams place one exam per student in a single envelope. The top of the first page of each exam must include the following information:
    • Instructor’s name
    • Space for Student’s name
    • Course name CRN prefix
    • Test instructions (i.e. calculator allowed)
    • Test number or name (i.e. test 1, test 2, midterm)

All exams proctored in the Testing Center must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The length of testing time requested may not exceed the length of the class time block, except during finals week when the time limit is two hours. In no case may exam time exceed two hours in length.
  2. The Testing Center administers exams according to instructions documented on the Exam Cover Sheet. Include specific instructions to the student on page one of each exam.
  3. The Testing Center does not provide envelopes or make copies of exams.
  4. We require students to write their name on each exam for security. Faculty must deliver paper exams to the Testing Services in TV 347.
  5. For security reasons, do not send exams through inter-campus mail or fax.
  6. Testing Services will not collect or distribute any additional course materials from students, including homework.
  7. Inform students of all Testing Center policies.
  8. Children not permitted in testing rooms. Students may not leave children unattended in the Testing Services lobby.
  9. Once an exam is on file in the Testing Services, it is the student’s responsibility to schedule an appointment. Students without an appointment may not be able to take an exam.
  10. Students should arrive at their scheduled time in TV 347 with appropriate testing materials and a picture ID. Students without a valid picture ID may not take an exam.
  11. If cheating occurs, we will collect all materials and the Testing Center Director will notify the faculty member and the Student Conduct Office.

Once a time slot is full, students will have to select a different day and time. Passwords can be the same for all course sections, but should be changed for each test. This is extra security for your exam. Please be diligent in transcribing the password to us with capitals being CAPITAL and lower case being lowercase.

By following the link below, you are agreeing to the policy and procedures of the Assessment and Testing as prescribed above.