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BRAVO! Awards are given in recognition of staff members in the Student Affairs branch who go above and beyond to meet students' needs and fulfill the MSU Denver mission.

The Office of Student Affairs recently introduced BRAVO! Awards to recognize both individual staff members and groups of team members who have gone above and beyond at MSU Denver. Nominations are open throughout each term with winners being announced at the Student Affairs Kickoff Event or the Fall/Spring Appreciation Events.

To submit a nomination, please fill out this form in its entirety. 


Congratulations to our most recent BRAVO! Award winners 

Recognized for their work during the Fall 2020 term were:

Juan Gallegos (Director | Center for Multicultural Engagement & Inclusion): As humble as he is, he would never acknowledge the compliments or awards if he ever received any, but his compassionate leadership, unwavering work ethics, dedication to equity and racial justice, impactful relationships with faculty, staff, and students, purposeful servant leadership, and so much more is very well deserving of recognition especially during this year of transitions, rebuilding of collaboration efforts and team dynamics, and his endless efforts to be more intentional and equity minded in this collective work of social justice and activism. Nominated by Thanh Nguyen

James Ross (Assistant to the Registrat & Special Projects Manager | Registrar's Office): James goes above and beyond in his support of the office and call center. He is always willing to support and train people. James is always ready to listen, help out, and willing to do things outside of his responsibilities. He is instrumental in helping his office run smoothly and it extends to the call center team. He makes everyone feel important and connected. We need more James! Nominated by Monique Left Hand Bull

Cathy Hehr (Industry Navigator | Classroom to Career Hub): Cathy’s commitment to serving students’ needs through strong sustained partnerships with employers while honoring her faculty relationships has been an outstanding example for our team. Cathy has a way of managing the details and sharing potential roadblocks in a way that supports the success of the entire mission of the Industry Partnership team and therefore, the full Classroom to Career Hub. I am so appreciative of Cathy’s lens in this work and the dedication and energy she brings to every internal and external conversation supporting MSU Denver students. Nominated by Alyssa Marks

Dave Lamothe (Assistant Director of Recreation & Leadership | Campus Rec): Dave supported the Virtual Engagement Coalition’s work to build website architecture and wrap our heads around the transition to co-curricular virtual engagement. I appreciate his work to strengthen our club sports program and the very timely launch of e-sports. He is one who understands the tech and has helped many of us navigate platforms and processes to meet students where they are at. Nominated by Juan Gallegos

Aubrey Winbigler (Coordinator of International Student Support | Registrar's Office): Aubrey is a consummate professional in her duties, who goes above and beyond our expectations to support the university mission and advocates for our international student population and the international community in the State of Colorado. Aubrey is the go-to for all issues and support for 160+ international students and spent countless hours during federal regulation changes to reduce anxiety regarding deportation and maintaining status, resulting in high retention rates among this population. Students indicated if it were not for Aubrey’s support and commitment, they would have transferred to another institution. She has shown so much agility, professionalism, and tenacity in handling a broad range of responsibilities and changing priorities from day-to-day. Nominated by Melissa Miller & Registrar Team

Chaz DeHererra (Student Success Navigator | Classroom to Career Hub): Chaz is dedicated in his work as an academic advisor and as a teacher for the department of Chicano Studies. I would like to particularly highlight his constant commitment to racial justice and equity in his work. Chaz deserves to be recognized for this and the other tremendous contributions he has made to our division and to the university. Nominated by Terrance Paape

Health Center at Auraria Team (Kyle Garrity, Linda Hilliker, Lisa Lasswell, Richard Miccio, Ruben Zorrilla, Shawna Tonick, Sonja Coleman-Harris, Stephen Monaco, Steven Caveney, Susan Louch, Tamara Wristen, Tifany Andrade, Yvonne Olson-Sage, Alyssa Labate, Amy Markese, Anna-Lisa Greenwade, Clinton Hartz, Cynthia Ortiz, David Esslam, Debra Shuman, Denys Frolkov, Elias Gonzalez, Elle Heeg-Miller, Gia Valente, Hang Nguyen, Jeffrey Uszacki, Joshua Pasley, Julie Wagner, Justin Hauxwell, Kajuan DeVan Hernandez): Since mid-March when the entire rest of the division moved off campus, the Health Center at Auraria Team has been tirelessly working (mostly on campus!) to play point on the University’s [and indeed the entire Auraria Campus’] COVID-19 response. From the clinicians who are gearing up in PPE to test our community members for COVID-19, to the administration team members who have done a tremendous job of obtaining the necessary equipment, supplies, and managing overall operations during this tumultuous time, to the mental health providers who are compassionately caring for our students’ well-being, this team has been truly remarkable! Led by their fearless leader, Steve Monaco, they have truly exemplified the Roadrunner spirit in their absolute commitment to health, safety, and the well-being of our community. We are so fortunate to have this team within MSU Denver and specifically as a part of student affairs. Thank you! You make us SO proud! Nominated by Dr. Braelin Pantel 

Student Care Center (Alicia Milanowski, Erica Quintana-Garcia, Jesse Wooldridge, Miguel Huerta, Peter Concepcion): The CARE Team consistently goes above and beyond in terms of finding resources, working long hours, dedicating time to individual cases, finding creative and effective solutions to life-stopping problems, and collaborating across campus. They find resources to address some of students’ most critical needs. For years, I have seen their staff work quietly behind the scenes to address urgent situations that go far beyond the classroom, addressing housing, food, financial, healthcare access, and other urgent needs. Just as important, they do this by working closely with partners on and off campus, and their sense of the collective that is MSU’s student support staff is one of the many reasons they are so effective in responding to crises. They epitomize what is best about MSU Denver! Nominated by Gregor Mieder


Past Winners:


2019 - John Babcock (Associate Director | Orientation, Transition and Retention), Scott Bergman (Coordinator | Orientation, Transfer and Retention), Josh Gabrielson (Associate Director | Admissions), Alyssa Marks (Program Manager | Classroom to Career Hub), Dr. Braelin Pantel (Associate Vice President | Dean of Students/Student Engagement & Wellness), Erica Quintana-Garcia (Director | Student Engagement & Wellness)



2019 - Admissions Team (Marlynn Rocha-Vasquez, Adrienne Perucca and Morgan Raleigh), Writers of the TRIO, Veteran & Military Student Services and CAMP Grants (Rita Case, Faith Fitzgerald, Dr. Ally Garcia, Evelynn Guzman de Leon, Ali Houghton, Raquel Jimènez, Eric Silva and Tisha Townsend)


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