In Fall 2022, Student Affairs began convening conversations through appreciative inquiry to construct our first strategic plan in concert with the MSU Denver Strategic Plan 2030. Through this process, our branch re-committed to the CADRE values, identified our vision for the future, and wrote our branch’s first mission statement and guiding commitments.

Student Affairs then utilized a futurist’s lens on developing a strategic plan. Our goals represent the systems we hope to evolve and our process will continually identify the near-term tactics and long-range strategies to meet this challenge.

Each of our goals includes several strategy areas that must be met in order to transform the MSU Denver student experience. Within these areas, we will identify annual tactics and individual project managers or strategy teams to realize our vision.

Student Affairs 2030 Strategic Planning Tracker

Goal 1: Student Affairs will create and utilize data-informed strategies to identify priorities and make resource allocation decisions.


  • Unique Student Engagement
  • Retention of Engaged Students
  • Per Student Expenditures in high impact and high potential programs
  • 100% Performance Evaluation Completion

Goal 2: Student Affairs will lead efforts to close equity gaps in student retention and completion.


  • Student retention, completion, engagement, and post-graduate outcomes disaggregated by race/ethnicity
  • First Generation student retention, completion, engagement, and post-graduate outcomes.

Goal 2 Tactics:

Goal 3: Student Affairs will create tailored experiences to increase student engagement.


  • Engagement (NSSE Questions 3 (a-d) and 11 (a&b) )
  • Sense of Belonging (NSSE Question 15)
  • Satisfaction
  • 100% Career Engagement

Goal 3 Tactics:

Goal 4: Student Affairs will reduce or eliminate student housing insecurity at MSU Denver.


  • Housing Insecurity (Real College Survey)
  • Emergency Funds Distribution (Amount, Number)
  • Care Center Referrals

Goal 4 Tactics:

Goal 5: Student Affairs will become the best workplace for student affairs educators.


  • Floor Salary (Goal: $50K by 2030)
  • Energage Results
  • Percent of positions filled (Goal: Maintain 85-90%)
  • Most Promising Places to Work in Student Affairs Survey

Goal 5 Tactics:


Goal 2