MSU Denver

Duration: July 2020 – August 2021

Eye on the Big Picture – Academic & Student Affairs Shared Priorities:

  1. Model Transfer Institution
  2. Experiential Learning for All
  3. Civic Engagement Across the Institution
  4. Creating a Student Success Journey Framework
  5. A Successful Higher Learning Commission Visit
  6. Elevating Graduate Student Culture
  7. Finalizing Academic Reorganization

Equity and Inclusion

Student Affairs designs programs, policies, and procedures that address and reflect the unique needs of MSU Denver’s urban community of students, faculty and staff.   Student Affairs will improve student success while collectively contributing to a reduction in graduation equity gaps for students of all identities and experiences.  Equity and inclusion within Student Affairs requires the ethical courage to be accountable through continuous quantitative and qualitative assessments of all initiatives to ensure the outcomes of our work dismantle systems of oppression and promote the holistic success of all students.  To create an institutional culture that celebrates all student backgrounds and ensures that the University is welcoming, inclusive and empathetic, Student Affairs staff provide student support services that are equitable, individually focused, and understanding of how each student interaction impacts student retention.

Student Engagement

Student Affairs will lead a movement at MSU Denver to create meaningful engagement opportunities for our diverse, urban, commuter students.  Student Affairs will open opportunities for all students through providing intentional support, innovative programs, and a streamlined path to resources to promote academic and career success.

Career Success

Student Affairs actively empowers all students to identify, pursue and achieve their desired educational and career goals.  Student Affairs programs and resources recognize, help develop, and address the professional and academic needs of our diverse student body.  Student Affairs staff guide students from major exploration to experiential opportunities, connecting students to experiences that develop the skills essential to successfully enter and progress in the career of their choosing. To this end, Student Affairs will identify and build symbiotic and engaged partnerships with local, Colorado-based, and national employers and community partners to build programs, policies, and procedures that support student career planning and development.    In doing so, Student Affairs will collaborate with campus partners to embed career planning and readiness into curriculum and co-curricular initiatives and services.