Letter from the Editors:

This year presented new struggles as the University community worked to reacquaint itself with day-to-day life back on campus. But, thanks to the hard work put in by those involved in this year’s issue, we are excited to present the fourth annual issue of The Rowdy Scholar!

The authors featured in this year’s issue are students who have chosen to go far beyond what is required in their coursework to create scholarly work of the highest level. We commend them for their dedication to academic excellence and for their contributions to their fields.

We are pleased to support undergraduate scholarship in a forum that makes it available and accessible to all. We encourage you to read and cite the papers featured in our journal, and we urge all of MSU Denver’s undergraduate scholars to consider submitting work for consideration in future issues. For more information about submissions to The Rowdy Scholar, please go to Submission Guidelines.

Dr. John Rief, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies

Dr. Mandi A. Schaeffer Fry, Professor of Mathematics


Editorial Board and Reviewers for This Issue:

  • John Rief
  • Mandi Schaeffer Fry
  • Philip Bernhardt
  • Erin Bissell
  • Kristy Duran
  • Robert Farmer
  • Roberto Forns-Broggi
  • Steven Geinitz
  • Deborah Horan
  • Sara Jackson Shumate
  • Elizabeth Kleinfeld
  • Kimberly Klimek
  • Vida Melvin
  • Nhu Nguyen
  • Sanaa Riaz
  • Anahi Russo Garrido
  • Sarah Schliemann
  • Erin Seedorf
  • Dorothy Shapland
  • Kimberly VanHoosier-Carey
  • Sheryl Zajdowicz

Articles in This Issue:

Colección Creativa: Divagaciones de la imaginación

Student Author: Lisa McCorkle

Major:  Spanish

Faculty Mentor: Lunden MacDonald

 Aviso: Posibilidades de doble vida más adelante 

Student Author: Lisa McCorkle

Major:  Spanish

Faculty Mentor: Lunden MacDonald

Neoliberalism, Inequality, and Violence

Student Author:  Jacob Hall

Major:  Political Science

Faculty Mentor:  Sheila Rucki