MSU Denver

Engagement Opportunities

The PACCW has gathered a list of opportunities for MSU Denver employees to engage, socialize and build community outside of their departments. This can be in the form of a committee, working group, club, society, social group, event, service project, etc. Click on a title to learn more about engagement opportunities at MSU Denver. Send questions/comments to: Director of Campus Recreation, Diane Yee, [email protected]


We are proud of our Roadrunners and have several events/awards to honor our outstanding peers.

Roadrunners Who Soar

Roadrunners Who Soar was established in 2019 to recognize individual employees who are living our shared CADRE values, supporting student success and serving as ambassadors for Metropolitan State University of Denver in the larger community. Team awards highlight core and cross-functional teams that are innovatively pursuing shared goals and creating an environment of empowerment and accountability.

Faculty Tenure & Promotions Celebration

Faculty Tenure & Promotions Celebration was established in 2010 by Provost Vicki Golich to recognize faculty who have recently achieved promotion and/or tenure at MSU Denver. Faculty and their families, as well as the campus and community, are invited to an evening of celebration in recognition of this achievement.

Years of Service

The Years of Service celebration that honors Roadrunners who have dedicated years, and sometimes decades, to the University and to student success. A light lunch is typically provided.

Distinguished Service Awards

Distinguished Service Awards was established in 1977 to recognize employees who have provided exceptional service to the MSU Denver community and its mission in the following three general areas 1) Longevity (service on a permanent basis over a period of at least 10 years), 2) Breadth (high quality contributions over the years), and 3) Significance (motivated by dedication and commitment to Metropolitan State University of Denver.