Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month

Latinx Heritage Month, federally designated as Hispanic Heritage Month in 1988, is observed from September 15th to October 15th by celebrating the rich historical and cultural legacies of individuals whose ancestors came from the Caribbean, Central and South America, Spain, and Mexico. The day of September 15th is significant because it marks the anniversary of independence for multiple Latin American countries. During this 30-day period, the Center for Multicultural Engagement and Inclusion (CMEI) and our partners in Student Affairs, the Center for Equity and Student Achievement (CESA), the Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy (GITA), Chicana/o Studies, and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion will facilitate programs and events that highlight historical and contemporary contributions of the Latinx community to the fabric of our campus and society.  

The term “Latinx” relates to people of Latin American origin or descent and is used as a gender-neutral or non-binary alternative to Latina/o. That said, terms like “Hispanic” and “Latinx” are based in language that privileges non-indigenous and non-Black identities and center Eurocentric views of history. We strive to be inclusive and welcoming of all identities and for that reason share this critique.

The goals of this month are for the Auraria campus community to walk away with new knowledge and new connections to the campus by sharing information and building community with one another. The Auraria campus community is encouraged to discuss local and global events and address important issues. Additionally, the CMEI will provide programs around the theme of Unidos por la Cultura/United by Culture in relations to the national theme of Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation. 

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Hispanic-Serving Institutions Week

The purpose of HSI Week is to recognize 569 HSIs throughout the nation for their work and critical role in educating and empowering Hispanics/Latina/o/x. This year HSI Week, sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is September 11 – 15. MSU Denver will participate by hosting several events and sharing stories about our impact on our students and community in the Early Bird and on social media. For more information on HSI Week, please visit the Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s website. 

Latinx Sorority Raffle

The Upsilon Zeta Chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc. Raffle

As a Latina founded multicultural organization with cultural awareness being one of our five founding principles, we find it crucial to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month and stay actively involved with MSU Denver’s community, especially since it is a Hispanic serving institution. 

There are items in the basket that are found to be significant in Hispanic culture that those who identify as being Hispanic may find to be representative of their identity. In addition to this, those who may not identify as Hispanic may take this as an opportunity to familiarize themselves with items that are prominent in some Hispanic cultures and appreciate the value and significance they may bring. All the items included are not exclusive to those who identify as Hispanic, and all are not related to Hispanic culture as well.  

The funds of this raffle will be used to continue the service our sorority strives to offer and continue to expand our presence at the Auraria campus. All ticket purchases will be through our Venmo account @Gammas_Auraria1. If this does not work for you, please visit our Instagram page for additional options. Ticket prices are as follows: 1 ticket for $3, 2 tickets for $5, and 4 tickets for $10. For tickets, please contact @Auraria_gammas on Instagram.

Latinx Heritage Month Events

Latinx Heritage Month Kick-Off 

Monday, September 18th | 11:30AM – 1:30PM | Tivoli Turnhalle 250

Join the Center for Multicultural Engagement and Inclusion and University of Colorado – Denver’s Center for Identity and Inclusion in marking the beginning of celebrating Auraria Latinx students, families, alumni, faculty, staff and community members. All attendees are welcome and can drop in during the time frame to celebrate the many diverse countries, peoples, and cultures of the Caribbean, Central and South America, Spain, and Mexico. Performances include Balie Folklorico by Folklorico Dance Group, Acoustic Guitar Performances by Los Guitaristas, and Music Presentation by Mayra Alejandra Music.   

*No registration link required, open to all Auraria Campus

¿Quién Dijo Buenas?

Wednesday, September 27th | 1 – 3PM | JSSB 211

Join the Center for Multicultural Engagement and Inclusion and Pathways to Possible for a celebration of Latinx Heritage Month as you play Loteria, a game like bingo, where illustrated cards depicting the Mexican aesthetic replace bingo balls. Come meet new friends and eat Pan Dulce and other Latinx inspired treats.  

*No registration link required, open to all Auraria Campus 

Feminist First Mondays Featuring Dr. Irene Lara, Ph.D

Monday, October 2nd | 1 3:15PM | Tivoli 320s  

In honor of LHM, The Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy invites you to join us for Feminist First Mondays, a series in collaboration with the Department of Chican@ Studies and The Department of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies. This event will feature a talk by Dr. Irene Lara, feminist scholar, teacher, femtor, activist and educator. Dr. Lara is editor of the book Fleshing the Spirit: Spirituality and Activism in Chicana, Latina, and Indigenous Women’s Lives.

It’s An Empanada Party!

Chef Sandoval

Tuesday, October 3rd | NOON – 1:00PM | Tivoli Multicultural Lounge 261

Join the Center for Multicultural Engagement and Inclusion in collaboration with Chef Edwin Sandoval, owner of Xatrucho food truck on a journey to making Honduras empanadas. Pastelitos is a gluten free empanada from Honduras made with nixtamalized heirloom corn masa. Featuring two different types of fillings: a classic ground brisket and rice with an achiote colored masa, and a vegan filling with calabacitas, shaved cabbage and coconut cream with turmeric colored masa. Served with a classic central American encurtido and two salsas: spicy salsa roja and an herbaceous salsa verde. 

Honduras-born and Colorado-raised, Chef Edwin Sandoval is a modern multicultural creator of food. Chef Sandoval spent 12 years moving through the ranks of professional kitchens. In 2012 at the age of 21 and armed with a culinary arts degree he appeared on the Denver scene as a sous chef at Le Grand Bistro & Oyster Bar and moved around the city to absorb culinary skills at places like Spuntino and Beatrice & Woodsley. As a young professional at age 23, Chef Sandoval helped open Argyll Whisky Beer in uptown Denver as Chef de Cuisine and at age 25 he took on Executive Chef position at Telegraph bistro. 

Workshop & Panel: Career & Income Options for DACA & Undocumented Professionals

Tuesday, October 10th | 11:00AM – 1:00PM | Jordan Student Success Center 237

This workshop and lunch panel will provide information about career and income options for DACA and undocumented college graduates. We will talk about independent contracting vs. employment, how to apply for and use ITIN numbers, learn about helpful local resources, and accomplished entrepreneurs will share their own experiences and tips with the audience. Lunch will be provided!     

*No registration link required, open to all Auraria Campus 

La Bodega Social

La Bodega

Wednesday, October 11th | NOON – 1:00PM | Tivoli Multicultural Lounge 261

Originating in Spain, “bodega” means a wine cellar or hull of a ship. It was only in Cuba that “bodega” came to mean convenience store. In New York, the first bodegas appeared in the 1920s. Although using a Cuban word, they sold comfort food to Puerto Rican factory workers. Join the Center for Multicultural Engagement and Inclusion for a Latinx influenced mini market showcasing a variety of snacks and sweets from Latinx countries. Items that will be featured includes nachos, elotes, paletas, churros, dulces, chicharones, and aqua fresca. 

*No registration link required, open to all Auraria Campus 

Latinx Women’s and Men’s Soccer Games Celebration 

Sunday, October 15th | Assembly Athletic Complex 


Women’s Game | Roadrunners vs. Rangers | Noon  

Men’s Game | Roadrunners vs. Orediggers | 2:30PM 


In celebration of the ending of Latinx Heritage Month, the Athletics Women’s and Men’s soccer team and The Center for Multicultural Engagement and Inclusion welcomes you to the annual Latinx game day where you can watch the Roadrunners take on the Regis Rangers and Colorado School of Mines Orediggers. Learn how to salsa with both soccer teams after the women’s soccer game and enjoy Latinx snack offerings along with a chance to win prizes. Enjoy games, contests, food and prizes throughout the entire day!

*Use code: LATINX for a free ticket  

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