Non-Degree Seeking Option

Take Up to Three Courses through our Streamlined Admission Process

MSU Denver’s MBA Program welcomes working professionals to submit an application as a Non-Degree Seeking  student in order to enroll in up to three MBA courses. The application process is streamlined and applicants are not required to submit a resume, essay, or GMAT/portfolio to complete a non-degree seeking application.

Why Apply as a Non-Degree Seeking Student?

The Non-Degree Seeking MBA Admission Status is a great option for anyone who:

  • Plans to start the program in a summer semester
  • Missed the application deadline for the upcoming semester
  • Wants to see what the MBA experience is about before applying for the full program
  • Intends to apply for the full MBA program and wants to strengthen their application by demonstrating success in the MBA classroom

Non-Degree Seeking Admission Requirements

How to Apply

Non-Degree Seeking Applicants must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Earned a bachelor’s degree (or higher) and from a regionally accredited college or university with a 3.0+ cumulative GPA; or
  2. Earned a bachelor’s degree and approved professional certification or licensure; or
  3. Admitted to a graduate business program at another regionally accredited college or university.

In order to receive admission to the MSU Denver MBA Program as a Non-Degree Seeking Student, applicants should complete the following steps:

1. Submit a Graduate (Master’s-Level) application

  • In the Basic Information section of the application, the application will ask What Type of Program are you Interested In? Choose Graduate Non-Degree

2. Send an official transcript confirming successful completion of a bachelor’s degree to [email protected]

  • If applying with a certification, licensure, or admission to another graduate business program, send your certificate, licensure, or acceptance letter to [email protected] once your application is submitted.
  • Graduates from an MSU Denver bachelor’s degree program do not need to request transcripts. Admission personnel will update your application to show a complete bachelor’s degree with 5-7 days of your application submission.

Do NOT submit a Non-Degree Seeking application and full MBA program application for the same semester.

Non-Degree Seeking Application Deadlines


  • Domestic: First Monday of January
  • International: N/A


  • Domestic: First Monday of August
  • International: N/A

Non-Degree Seeking Applicants Need to Know

  • Students in the Non-Degree Seeking Status are not eligible for federal financial aid, but can apply for scholarships and grants.
  • Tuition rates remain equivocal for Non-Degree Seeking MBA and full MBA students.
  • This is not a course-audit option. You will receive a grade for the class, and are expected to complete assignments and attend just as a full MBA program student would.

If you have questions related to the Non-Degree Seeking MBA Option, please contact [email protected].