Use Your Resources!

Here you will find access to a list of resources that can help you survive and thrive!

Tutoring Lab

Recommended: 20 - 120

Tutoring for the Business Core Courses (ACC 2010, ACC 2020, CIS 3300, CIS 3320, FIN 3300) are offered in the College of Business Tutoring Lab. It’s normally located in Admin Building, suite 210, but while campus is closed, these services are now offered online.

The Tutoring Center can be reach by phone at: 303-575-5880 or email: [email protected].

Assessment and Testing Center

Recommended: 20 - 120

The Assessment and Testing Center at MSU Denver administers assessment exams in three areas:

  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Reading

Students must take all three exams in order to fulfill the minimum requirements for entrance to college level courses, or must be able to provide adequate ACT Scores.

Please note that the scores from these exams are used to assist advisors and students in selecting appropriate course work. The center website provides information about each exam with sample test information and exam location.

The Assessment and Testing Center can be reach by phone at: 303-575-5880

Writing Center

Recommended: 20 - 120

The MSU Denver Writing Center can help with any writing assignment, in any stage of the writing process. Assignments could include summary/response papers, journals, case studies, research projects, collaborative projects, digital projects, resumes, applications, presentations, and more!

The Writing Center can be reach by phone at: 303-615-1888

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Recommended: 20 - 120

Get help applying for financial aid, including help with your financial aid paperwork. See what scholarships are available. Learn about more campus resources like COVID relief and what’s required to prove that you already have health insurance.

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships can be reach by phone at: 303-556-8593