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Search and Screening Committee FAQ

A: Three people (including the search chair). Search committees should include a diverse representation of individuals who will have direct contact/interaction with this position.

A: No. However, you do need to make a good faith effort to diversify committee members by race and gender.

A. No. At this time there are no exceptions to the three search committee member rule. If you have any questions about this rule, please contact Paul Hitchcock ( for additional information.

A: You must attend once a year. If you are unsure if you have attended within one year, contact the Office of Human Resources at 303-615-0999.

A: It is offered within the Office of Human Resources. You can register through the MSU Denver events calendar located here.

A: An Affirmative Action Review is when the Office of Human Resources has reviewed your candidate pool and has identified qualified women or people of color who are not being brought forward for an interview.

Note: Per the University Affirmative Action Best Practice Guidelines, whenever a qualified woman, minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities are not included in the interview process, it is required that the next level supervisor review the application materials of the applicant(s) to determine if they should be included in the interview process.

A: Yes, the search committee chair can do this prior to the first search committee meeting.  If the pool is large the committee chair may also assign each committee member a group of applicants to pre-screen for “required” qualifications. Use a qualitative work sheet or check list. Ask a member of the HR team for examples. 

A: If the application pool is small – 20 applicants or less – yes, all committee members must review all applications.

If the applicant pool is larger than 20 applicants, then no. Divide the pool equally by the number of committee members then, each committee member can review their assigned group of applicants, using a predetermined assessment tool agreed upon by the committee. Each committee member must then forward their top five to the committee for deliberation. Then all committee members must review the top candidates to determine who should be offered interviews. 

A: The Chair of the Committee can pull the Applicant Report listing the candidates from here.

Select “Pulling Applicant List from People Admin” to download in-depth instructions on how to print an applicant list.

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