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In support of the Human Resources mission and in alignment with anti-racism principles, Learning & Development fosters community and leads change by providing equitable access to news, tools, programs and benefits that support personal growth, professional development and organizational wellness so that every employee can develop meaningful relationships and realize their full potential.

Resources for MSU Denver Employees

Professional Leadership Development

Professional Leadership Development offered by the Learning and Development team provides various offerings that meet the needs of all employees (all faculty, staff, and student-employees) and leader-levels, and supports Pillar V of our MSU Denver 2030 Strategic Plan

“MSU Denver will continue to improve compensation, benefits, professional development, and our infrastructure backbone, while becoming a more representative workplace and enhancing our inclusive leadership environment – allowing leaders to lead from all levels of the University.”​​​​​​​

All programs and resources are grounded in our MSU Denver core CADRE values and are aligned to our MSU Denver mission and vision. We invest in our people as we work together to be in service to our students.  

For more information about programs and workshops, please visit our Learning & Development Programs SharePoint site.

On-demand Learning Resources

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an on-demand library of instructional videos covering the latest business, technology and creative skills. It provides personalized course recommendations and is designed to help you achieve your full potential.

Academic Impressions

MSU Denver has partnered with Academic Impressions (AI) to offer training and professional development specific to higher education, rooted in practical application and delivered by vetted experts. The topics are needs driven and based on research with practitioners in the field. All employees at MSU Denver have free access to most of their live and recorded webcasts.

If you are a current employee looking for information about our LinkedIn Learning or Academic memberships, visit the Learning page on the MSU Denver Learning & Development SharePoint site. This site is public and accessible to anyone with MSU Denver login credentials (email and password).

Coaching Services

Interested in receiving coaching?

Are you an MSU Denver employee who is looking for professional coaching from our Learning & Development team? You may request coaching services by submitting our customized request form. Please note, individual coaching is not always available and is not intended to replace our well-designed leadership development workshops. In many cases you will be better-served by participating in these workshops or utilizing other resources found on our Learning & Development SharePoint site.

If you are looking for information on external executive coaches? Please visit our Executive Coaches SharePoint page.

Interested in offering coaching to MSU Denver employee clients?

Are you an executive coach looking to work with MSU Denver employees? We occasionally have requests for external coaches to work with our leadership. You may express your interest by submitting your information to our Learning & Development team. If your expertise is needed, we will reach out to you. (Please note, this may take weeks or months.) Services will be negotiated between the coach and the client, not the university.

Opportunities for MSU Denver Employees

Along with ongoing learning and development opportunities, MSU Denver Department of Human Resources is proud to offer the Employee Tuition Benefit for benefits-eligible faculty and staff.

Employee Tuition Benefit

Benefits-eligible employees can apply to receive an undergraduate tuition benefit for themselves, their spouse, and/or their dependents.

Tuition Benefit Process

  1. Employee and Student should read the Employee Tuition Benefit Procedures and attend a Employee Tuition Benefit Info Session (Info Session is not required, but highly recommended)
  2. Student must apply for University Admissions
  3. Student registers for Classes
  4. Student applies for the MSU Denver Employee Tuition Benefit
  5. Student must Apply for the Tuition Benefit every semester

MSU Denver Employee Tuition Benefit

Employees and Tuition Benefit Students with MSU Denver login credentials (Net ID and password) can view the latest updates and information on the MSU Denver Human Resources SharePoint site.

Potential Employees can find the Tuition Benefit Rules and Procedures and Tuition Benefit Information Session calendar on the Human Resources Benefits web page.

Employee Engagement

University Engagement, Recognition, and Belonging

According to the MSU Denver University-wide engagement survey:

  • 84% of employees are engaged (feel valued, would recommend MSU as a good place to work, take pride in their work).
  • 85% report they have an effective leader.

We are proud to recognize and celebrate our community through various events, such as the annual Roadrunners who Soar celebration.

The diversity of faculty, staff and students provides a rich working and learning environment where we strive to ensure that all are valued and belong, as is represented in our Employee Affinity Groups.

Do you have questions for the Learning & Development Team?

Potential employees of the university, new hires, and current employees may reach out for any inquiries in regards to Learning and Development opportunities via email.

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