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  • All hiring decisions will be made at the Academic Dean or VP level. Approval will need to be obtained from the appropriate leader through email prior to an offer being made.
  • Open faculty searches will pause immediately, and all new faculty vacancies will not be posted until the Academic Deans have approved.
  • Open searches for professional and classified staff which have reached round one interviews or beyond will continue through hiring only with the VPs approval. Open searches for professional and classified staff which have not yet reached round one interviews will pause their search process and be re-assessed at the VP level. We encourage hiring managers and supervisors to be prepared to onboard and train new professional and classified staff from fully remote locations. 
  • Open searches for professional and classified staff which have not yet reached round one interviews are encouraged to pause their search process temporarily.
  • Internal postings for professional staff will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Posting vacant professional and classified staff positions will be temporarily paused.
  • If there is an emergency need for a professional and classified staff position to be posted, approval from the area VP must be provided with the request, to Kate Ray (, and the position must be entered in PeopleAdmin.
  • Requests to review changes to positions will be addressed in the order in which they were received within PeopleAdmin. This includes requests for state classified staff, promotions, demotions, and lateral transfers for all professional staff. To see where positions are in the PeopleAdmin workflow hiring managers can log into their PeopleAdmin account and search the position, by position number, under the Administration Actions
  • Re-organizations should be put on a temporary pause and should partner with the HR Compensation Team to ensure that positions are correctly placed in the structure and that new positions created through the re-organization are properly benchmarked.
  • If there is an emergency need for a position to be reviewed, please have the designated rep from each VP area make that request directly to Jess Ward (, and the position must be entered in PeopleAdmin. Please include position number and title when making these requests to expedite response time.
  • The faculty compensation structure project is being briefly postponed. This project was scheduled to begin in April and will not begin tentatively until the fall of 2020.
  • Individual Position and Base Pay Statements will be released based on a new timeline. If you are a supervisor, please anticipate receiving information regarding your direct reports in early to mid-April. If you do not supervise, please anticipate receiving your individual statement electronically, in mid to late April.
  • Online Q& A Sessions on the individual Position and Base Pay Statements will be offered in early to mid-April.
  • Please contact Jess Ward at
  • Classified Staff Annual Evaluations due to HR June 15 and due to the state by July 1
  • Administrator Annual Evaluations are due to HR July 1 to align with state deadline for consistency
  • Performance Management Best Practices Trainings will be offered virtually:
    • April 2 – rescheduled for May 21, 12:00 to 3:00 
    • May 6 – rescheduled for June 11, 9:00 to 12:00
    • If you already enrolled in the April 2 or May 6 class, please follow the link below to enroll in the May 21 or June 11 class: Click this link to enroll:
    • Important:  If you are enrolled in the May 19 or June 4 class NO ACTION IS NEEDED 
  • Salary Supplements and Personnel Action Forms will be accepted with electronic signatures and approved by Associate Vice President of Administration/Chief Financial Officer
  • HR is offering on-line student employee orientation
  • New Hire packets will be converted into fillable PDFs
  • Completed new hire packets and I-9 identification will be sent securely via LiquidFiles
  • ITS will contact exiting employees to arrange for the pickup or check out MSU property
  • Student employees are required to adhere to their normally scheduled working hours and work with their supervisors and departments for projects work
  • The Student Employment Team,, is working on new policy/guidelines for summer employment
  • New Employee Orientation will be moving online via Microsoft Teams with additional resources for supervisors to onboard online effectively
  • IT will contact new employees with instructions to receive their hardware from campus before their first day of employment
  • Essential documents, such as the New Hire packets, will be converted into fillable PDFs
  • The Learning & Development site has built out resources for stress management, online learning, supervising and working remotely 
  • The Learning & Development newsletter and the Learning Nook will shift to online resources, reminders and tools for remote success
  • The Employee Tuition Benefit is still operating and processing applications
  • The PD Fund is no longer accepting applications and we are managing requests to switch in-person trainings to online trainings

In partnership with ITS, the HR department is researching the possibility of activating a module in banner called Electronic Personnel Action Form. The Ellucian consultant was originally scheduled to meet with the EPAF Implementation Team in early April but this has been postponed to May and June. End users will be involved once the team evaluates the possible actions for which this module will allow. The design and configuration will take place May 4th through May 8th, with testing and education taking place May 18th through the 29th. Deployment is anticipated for mid-June. 


We have been receiving numerous fraudulent unemployment claims and so far HR has been updating those employees for next steps. If you have not filed for unemployment and you suspect that there was a fraudulent unemployment claim submitted for you, please stay tuned as an HR representative will be following up with you. For further questions, please call the front desk at 303-615-0999.

Unemployment FAQ


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